The Sorta Shoah: We’ll Be Back Tomorrow

The Sorta Shoah: We’ll Be Back Tomorrow

Sven, Alex, and MeinKraffffft discuss the current situation. Mike could not join us as he was fleeing to a secure undisclosed location at the time of the recording. He will join us for a full length episode that will be recorded tonight, posted tomorrow.

Thank you for all your support, apologies to all we have let down.

0:00 The Mike Stuff
5:27 Anglin’s Take
14:10 David Duke’s Take On This
27:00 Obamacare Discussion
We’ll be back tomorrow.

Sven Longshanks – The Ultimate Avatar – Miguel Serrano

Sven Longshanks – The Ultimate Avatar – Miguel Serrano

The Ultimate Avatar Esoterica

Sven Longshanks presents the second episode in a mini-series looking at esoteric Aryan history, exploring subject matter from Miguel Serrano’s ‘The Ultimate Avatar’ and using it to find common ground between National Socialism, Aryan Vedanta, Norse Paganism and Christianity.

This week four main subjects are discussed starting with the role of Lucifer in our myths and the meaning behind the symbol of the black sun. Sometimes the more intelligent among us may miss the simple things as they are so used to looking for a more complicated pattern. In other words they may not see the wood, for the trees. Gnosticism relies upon this phenomenon in order to subtly deceive people and the promotion of Lucifer is a good example of this.

The black sun is often assumed to be something that it is not and most depictions of it turn out to be eclipses. It is a symbol that perfectly explains what it is meant to convey once you know what that is though and the wonder is that it has not been used before, since the only definitive example we have of it is in the SS castle at Wewelsberg.

Serrano was certain that the tales of angels breeding with men in the Bible were also relayed in the folk tales of other tribes and he gives examples which are expanded on and explained by Sven. He also thought the Mahabharata war was describing one of the battles caused by the racial bastards produced by these unions and this war took place at the end of the last Yuga around the time of Noah’s flood.

After explaining the correlations between these tales of angels and men with a detour into sun worship and Akhenaton, Sven then points to the likely origin of the green thunderbolt and what usage of the colour symbolises, before drawing parallels with the modern day employment of it by the Alt-Right in the form of Pepe.

Finally to finish the podcast off, the links between gnosticism and the kabbalah are shown and why it leads to the diversity agenda. Our enemies are there for us to learn from them, but not in the way that you might think.


THE DAILY SHOAH #120: Model 88

THE DAILY SHOAH #120: Model 88


The Death Panel are back to honor Meryl Streep’s lifetime achievements.

Featuring The Shiksa Clock News and The Merchant Minute.

Death Panel: Sven, Mike, McNabb, Intern MeinKraft

  • 0:00 Intro
    -An All American Saturday
    -(((Meryl Streep’s))) #SoBrave Speech
    -Free Diverse Youth Who Tortured Young H’white Man
  • 33:20 – D’nations
    – Fugitive Woes
  • 56:00 – The Shiksa Clock News with Emily Youcis
    -(((Jared Kushner))) to be Trump Advisor
    -Couch Potato Famine: Arnold Schwarzenegger
    -Norm MacDonald’s “420” Skit About Literally Hitler
    -The ‘Russian Hacker’ (((Narrative)))
  • 2:06:00 The Merchant Minute
Response To Vox Day

Response To Vox Day

(Part 2)

This is puzzling:

“And after reading the various comments on Hunter Wallace’s site, I won’t bother responding to him either. I don’t engage in discourse with people who accuse me of lying. What is the point? And as I’ve said before, I’d much rather stand with dependable allies such as Mike, Milo, Stefan, and Roosh than with the sort of people I’ve come across who are in the Alt-White.

I’m going to expand my policy on drama to the Alt-White in general. There is clearly no benefit to paying any attention to them whatsoever. Let them keep the shekels and the audience that they keep claiming I, and others, want to steal. I simply don’t have the time or the patience for this never-ending nonsense.”

Where to begin?

1.) Internet commentators are vicious man! Don’t take the flames so personally. There are a lot of people who are following all of this drama and who are chiming in with their two cents. Maybe I have a higher tolerance for it because I spent years engaging with these people on online forums. It doesn’t bother me as much.

2.) As far as I can tell, 90% of the drama surrounds three individuals – MILO, Cernovich and PJW – none of whom even claim to be Alt-Right. PJW is criticized for being a conspiracy theorist. The charge is true. MILO is a Jewish homosexual who calls himself a “black dick supremacist” and hosts “Twinks for Trump” parties. The charges are true. Cernovich is a mercurial brand who moves from one audience to the next and is disliked for having no real principles and starting drama. It was Cernovich who instigated the drama with both Richard Spencer and Baked Alaska. The charge is true.

3.) Aside from the controversy surrounding these three personalities, I don’t see any substantial point of disagreement with the Alt-West. I’m pro-Christian. I’m pro-Western. I’m pro-White. I’m not interested in fascism or National Socialism. I’m actually a Southern Nationalist, not someone who wants to merge all White countries into a White Empire. Ideally, I would like to dissolve the United States into regional ethnostates. I think anyone is capable of having fun, pursuing the truth, enjoying smashing taboos.

If Vox believes in race realism, has a positive take on White identity, supports Christianity and endorses ethnonationalism and segregation, what is the big point of disagreement here? Is it MILO’s vanity and homosexuality? Is it PJW’s absurd conspiracy theories? Is it Cernovich’s aggressive marketing of his brand? As far as I can tell, none of that has anything to do with being “Alt-White” or “Alt-West.” Ideologically speaking, Vox sounds like he is closer to me than to MILO, Cernovich or PJW!

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