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The Red Pill


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If France is 100% African, is it still France?
If an area is 100% diverse, it’s 0% white. Diversity just means non-White.
Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White.
If diversity is so great, why do Whites consistently avoid the most diverse neighborhoods?
If race is just a social construct, how can it logically coexist with the idea of “white privilege”?
If Western society is so oppressive for non-Whites, why do they flock here by the millions?
White people make up 8% of the world population – at what percent will Whites be allowed to act in their own interests?
Isn’t the word “minority” misleading? After all, Whites are only 8% of the world population and by far the smallest major racial grouping
Whites were 28% of the world population in 1950, and they’re at 8% today – they’re shrinking relatively and absolutely every year – isn’t this a problem?
Why is racial pride encouraged for Blacks, Asians, Hebrews, Latinos, Indians and Arabs, but discouraged for Whites?
Why is mass non-white immigration pushed in only and all White countries without a vote?
Politically incorrect is just a codeword for the truth
If diversity is so great, why does it require a police state to keep the peace?
When Han Chinese immigrants flood Tibet without a vote, the world calls it genocide. When non-White immigrants flood formely White countires without a vote, the world calls it our “moral obligation.”
If an African elephant is born in an Ireland zoo, is it an Irish elephant?
If Trump gets elected, you say you’re moving to Canada. Why aren’t you going to move to Mexico?
How much is “White privilege” really worth when Jews and Asians have more degree holders and higher incomes on average than Whites?
What does “White privilege” get you in (insert dangerous Western area here – ex: Rotherham, Malmo, Detroit, South Africa, Zimbabwe, No-Go zones, Calais, etc.) ?
Western colonization caused strife because they tried to assimilate native populations to their foreign culture. How is that any different than forcing Whites to accept and embrace non-European cultures in their native lands? Won’t this just lead to more strife?

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