Tales from the Trough

Tales from the Trough

Episode 4 – Disgusting Ditties
Titus Flavius

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follow url The Ovenmen are hemorrhoidaly humbled to present to you, our diverse delegation of distinguished dunny-divers, with yet another gonorreian grab-bag of gangrenous gallows-gags. Check your tucks! Strap in your pinksleeves! Gird your loins for a trailblazing testament of Tales from the Trough!

Need My Finance Homework Done Tonight’s disgusting ditties:

http://calpoly.lambdaphiepsilon.com/buy-just-windows-7-key/ 1. Scammers
2. Living Avatar Resurrection Process
3. Unsolved Pissteries
4. Legends of the Gay Black Vampire Trappers
5. I Love My Massa
6. Christcucks REEE!
7. The Chongening

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