THE DAILY SHOAH #109: Daddy’s Comeys

THE DAILY SHOAH #109: Daddy’s Comeys

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doctoral dissertation help vs dissertation online professional resume writing services rhode island The Death Panel #ReHashTheNation and break down the latest developments in Hillary’s email scandal.

view SUBSCRIBE TO RSSSUBSCRIBE TO BACKUP RSS Featuring Le Spoopy Autiste, “Some Kayaks,” and The Merchant Minute

follow url Death Panel: Sven, Mike, Ghoul, intern MyneCraft1001

  • 0:00 INTRO
  • #FactChecking Last Week’s Shoah
    Sven’s Trip; Trying To Escape Diversity & Lesbian Negro Dildo Stores
    The Bone Zone
    The Truth About Opie & Anthony
  • 51:14 – ‘Some Kayaks’
  • – The Polls Unskew Themselves
    – Early Voting & Voter Fraud
    – Daddy’s Comeys
    – Hillary Schlonged By Weiner
  • 2:15:45 – D’nations
  • 2:21:30 – Announcements – The Future of 504um, Post-Election Postering
  • 2:27:15 – Le Spoopy Autiste
  • – How (((They))) Could Steal The Election From Trump
    – Possible Audio of Trump Saying Google???
  • 3:04:40 – The Merchant Minute
Fash the Nation Week 63: FBImWithHer

Fash the Nation Week 63: FBImWithHer

go avatars-000238721185-2ckeox-t500x500 14900327_10208971663663450_7968820432899160201_n

using paper writing services TRS Radio (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – As polls have begun to shift dramatically in Trump’s favor, culminating with the FBI’s Friday announcement to re-investigate Hillary Clinton, we’ve reached levels of white pilling none of us thought were possible. In the ensuing deluge of shitlib tears, we’re now witnessing what we expect will be a resounding triumph of nationalism over globalism in just 9 short days. It’s all ahead on Fash the Nation! Direct download Fash the Nation Week 63: FBImWithHer.

0:00 Intro/Announcements/D’Nations

8:00 Polling White Pills

30:00 Pyrrhic Polls

36:00 Project Alamo

46:00 Knee-Bending

1:00:00 Young Hardworking Journos

1:03:00 The Europa Report

1:13:00 FBImWithHer

1:28:00 God Emperor Predicts Huma Downfall

1:36:00 Bill Clinton, Inc.

1:51:00 #DraftOurDaughters

1:58:00 872 Obama Pardons

2:02:00 Limbaugh Caller

2:09:00 Globalism on the Ropes

2:14:00 Bottom of the Stack

2:18:00 MFTDC

2:23:00 White Hot Takes “Nasty Woman in a Mao Dress”




Johnny Monoxide: Meme Magick part Deux

Johnny Monoxide: Meme Magick part Deux


Meme Magick part Deux – The Paranormies Present: The Ahnenerbe Hour Episode 14

On this episode of the Ahnenerbe Hour, we are joined by very special guests Lawrence Murray (and aryan pigeons) and Weev to do our second episode on Meme Magick. We talk about ancient forms of Meme Magick, European Old Gods, Indian Old Gods, and why Donald Trump will be the next God Emperor of the world.

BREAKING: One seriously important instance of meme magick which occurred after the recording of this episode was Mike Lindell, creator and founder of MyPillow™, endorsing Donald Trump. MyPillow is the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever use, and it’s made entirely in the USA by White people. With his support, we can rest easy knowing the God Emperor will ascend to the throne as planned. Praise Kek!

This week’s creepypasta is a PARANORMIES EXCLUSIVE written and performed by WEEV himself.

The Daily Shoah #98: SEASON 3 PREMIER! Episode 88 Part 11 of 14

The Daily Shoah #98: SEASON 3 PREMIER! Episode 88 Part 11 of 14

The Death Panel celebrate the start of their 3rd current year! Featuring Dear Rabbi, The Merchant Minute, and another hit by Goys ‘N’ Rosenburgs.
Death Panelists: Sven, Mike Enoch, Ghoul, Alex McNabb, Meow Blitz

0:00 Monitoring the #2 Show
6:00 Chimpin Out in the Heat
33:00 Some Election Stuff
39:00 Some Mexican Stuff
57:50 Break I: Dear Rabbi
1:08:25 MDE World Peace
1:18:30 D’Nations
1:21:40 College Republicans Question
1:36:30 TRStlemania
1:43:00 Tom Hanks/Cold War/Roy Cohn/Soros
2:02:54 Break II: Goys N’ Rosenburgs “Gas My Kayaks”
2:13:00 Meow Blitz TRS Trolling Meme-ories
2:38:20 The Merchant Minute
2:45:00 The Talking Yid- Mexicans Shooting Imams – America is Mean again – Trump’s Foreign Policy speech


The Daily Shoah #96: Episode 88 Part 9 of 14: Cindy Shiite

The Daily Shoah #96: Episode 88 Part 9 of 14: Cindy Shiite

The Death Panel take a crack at the All American Gold Star Muzzie Traitor Immigration Lawyer.

The Summer of 88 Rolls on! Featuring that old Moonman song and The Merchant Minute.

Panelists: SeventhSon, Mike Enoch, Greg Johnson

0:00 Intro
1:01:20 Break- “Moonman” by Goys N Roses
1:09:15 D’Nations
1:13:15 DNC: NeoCohens Flip Sides
2:05:30 The Straussian Hour
2:47:20 The Merchant Minute
2:55:30 Next Week…

Germar Rudolf – Persecution of Revisionists & Demographic Disaster

Germar Rudolf – Persecution of Revisionists & Demographic Disaster



here From Red Ice:

Germar Rudolf – Persecution of Revisionists & Demographic Disaster

Germar Rudolf was born in Limburg, Germany. He studied chemistry at Bonn University, where he graduated in 1989 as a Diplom-Chemist, which is comparable to a U.S. PhD degree. From 1990-1993 he prepared a German PhD thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in conjunction with the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Parallel to this and in his spare time, Rudolf prepared an expert report on chemical and technical questions of the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz, The Rudolf Report. He is the founder of the small revisionist outlet, Castle Hill Publishers.

Read More Read More

The Fatherland Episode 36

The Fatherland Episode 36

Our special guest this week is Jeroninmus, OG white nationalist, tiger dad, and small businessman. We talk with him about those things mixed in with a wide-ranging conversation. We also hit a milestone as he is officially the first guest to fall asleep on the show. This one’s a bit long, sorry for that but you can skip the 3rd hour if it really bothers you. Definitely check out Sven’s Wild Ride in the first hour though. And yes, RYAN IS BACK. Email us, our twitter is @fatherlandradio.

Host Jim (@evilvicar)
The Mannerbund: EP Bradan O’Fahey (@sheeeitlawd), Otto (@otto-skorzeny), Ryan (@NO1)
Special Guest: Jeronimus (@Jeronimus)

Hour 1

We open talking about autistes playing golf with Jeronimus.
0:20 Sven calls in from Penn Station. Buckle up when this starts because no brakes on the Sven train
0:45 Wife out of town is rough
0:53 Is “cheer” degenerate for girls?
1:10 homeschooling

Hour 2

1:38 d’nations and correspondence
1:55 Ryan talks about moving and the longest PCS of all time
2:10 Jeronimus falls asleep! we wake him up and get him to DO THE JEW

Hour 3

3:11 FATHERLAND AFTER DARK! The BQ – degenerate activities with your wife
3:45 Otto builds a minibike


Red Ice RNC

Red Ice RNC

Live coverage from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Thursday July 21st, featuring reporters on location and various guests joining remotely for commentary. We focus on speeches from Peter Thiel, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump.

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Guests joining:
Matt Forney (reporting)
Nathan Damigo (reporting)
Richard Thomas
Jazzhands McFeels
Greg Johnson
Alex Gabler
Greg P
and more.