The Body Reality

According to the Body Reality, consciousness is just a bunch of neurons firing in the brain, and a human being is hamburger. But in this conception, electromagentic impulses from the environment determine how we think and feel, and individuals are rendered powerless. Philosophies and societies based upon this belief turn human beings into biological robots, easily manipulated by mass media and authority figures. There is something wrong with that!

Is there no reality other than the commonplace and ordinary routine of daily living? That is what are taught from the time we are children. We are taught to work hard, study, get a good job, and pay our taxes. Don't rock the boat! Don't think outside the lines. Accept that things are just the way they are. However, more and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the status quo.

Look around the planet earth: our species is constantly engaged in conflict and war. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of earth -- a measure of the productivity of the human race -- is at least $50 trillion dollars every year. Yet millions of people go hungry, and a large percentage of our resources and productivity is diverted to war, the financing of war, and the products of war.

Denial of our higher potential beyond the Body Reality has allowed this to happen. I use the word 'denial' purposely -- because each of us has a choice about what we think about ourselves.

Each one of us is a divine, spiritual being with almost unlimited potential. In order to tap into this potential, however, we must acknowledge that there is more to life than the humdrum of the Body Reality. Every culture on earth has understood that consciousness is not biologically dependent. Once our societies acknowledge this, we can access the higher reality that surrounds us and improve conditions on the planet.

The human race is currently operating at a fraction of its true potential, because we have allowed those without knowledge of self to ascend to positions of power. Our leaders and authority figures are firmly rooted in the Body Reality. Even enlightened authority figures who dare to reference spirituality, or spiritual concepts, are widely ridiculed in the mass media.

In our hidden, black programs we are sitting on free energy technology, medical breakthroughs, and a new set of physical laws that could create a Golden Age on earth. All that is needed to reach this higher reality is a subtle leap of awareness beyond the limitations of the Body Reality.

Fortunately, millions of people on our planet are waking up to the idea that life transcends the electromagnetic impulses from our body's receptor cells. The evolution of consciousness on planet earth is gradually returning us to a unified view of life and the universe that is in greater alignment with universal principles.



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