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Seductive….but leaves me feeling empty
Irwin discuses 20 single tetrahedron in a spherical aggregation and their  “Discovery” that a twisting action lays the faces of adjacent tetrahedron flush and perfectly aligned to each other.
This gives rise to the odd notion that the imperfection of this particular aggregation allows for an “intervention” …the twisting to close the gaps….. and as such represents a “Geometric Code”.
Discoveries of this order abound in spatial morphology & topology especially when one invokes “Shadow’s from Higher Dimensions” like the shadows of Plato’s cave.
It is easy to become obsessed and blinded by such a “discovery”.
It is unlikely that the twist somehow has “Meaning” as a code mechanism.
This is similar to Bucky’s “UnZipping Angle for Tetrahelixes……
I suspect there is where the idea originated for their being a code due to the imperfection of the tetrahedron’s nesting.
David, Irwin introduces the idea of a geometric code at about “ 1.12 / 249 
Which is similar to something I mentioned the other day regarding David Wilcocks Paired “ FBT’s”….FaceBonded Tetrahedrons….which is fundamental to the Tetrahelix formation which is enatiamorphic and becomes either right or left handed by the addition of the 3rd Tetrahedron.

What I had said about David Wilcock is that “if he only added the 3rd tetrahedron, he would have made a discovery”
(note: Trion Ray(re)….is just meisner transformation of each T/H.
So…Here is Irwin adding that 3rd Tetrahedron but in a spherical aggregation and the part that does not close he calls the “Frustration”…but then they discover that a twist brings all the faces into perfect alignment, but in doing so opening up pentagonal prism voids to the center.
A Geometric Code?…..MAYBE
What agency decides or causes the twisting orientation? What does it effect? Or what is it a model of in Nature?