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[NEW] Vive Wave SDK Links (Latest SDK release: Nov 14, 2018)

The most recent Wave SDK is version 2.1.8

(Released Nov 14, 2018)  

SDK Plugin Support:

Unity 2018.2

Unreal 4.20.3


WaveSDK-2.1.8.zip   and   WaveSDK-UnrealPlugin-1.1.zip  are currently available at:




Here are the release notes: https://hub.vive.com/storage/app/doc/en-us/ReleaseNote.html#release-2-1-8


Release 2.1.8



  1. New 6DoF controller Dev. Kit. has “Trigger” key with analog data. Please handle both “WVR_InputId_Alias1_Trigger” and “WVR_InputId_Alias1_Digital_Trigger” in your content app for the numerous controller types support.


Bug fixes

  1. Fixed cannot controller MTP overlay sometimes when gaze mode.
  2. Fix server suspend may encounter DS IPC mechanism didn’t suspend.
  3. Fixed the issue that Simple OEMService causes an app crashed because of sending server ready twice.
  4. Fixed controller beam hitting view of overlay but no response.
  5. Fixed black screen when running on specific device (Skyworth).
  6. Fixed ipd change does not update sometimes.
  7. Fixed a crash issue which was occurred when user started or reset an APP.
  8. Fixed cast fail and black screen when running second round WVR_Init
  9. Fixed crash sometimes when using two controllers.

10.Fixed virtual wall sometimes appears on the wrong timing after resuming.

Known Issues

  1. Only one controller can control overlay, such as quick menu, permission dialog and so on.



  1. Changed behavior to destroy controller when real device is disconnect or render model name is different.
  2. Changed adaptive loading to support FBX file, export button effect, beam and indicator option to controller loader.
  3. Changed controller tips for zh_cn, zh_tw language.


  1. Show WaveVR relative attributes when building apps.
  2. Interaction add custom hand support.
  3. Add controller tips for RU, CS language.


  1. Removed the default value of NumDoFHMD, NumDoFController, and NumController in AndroidManifest.xml.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed ControllerLoader memory leakage by cleaning native mesh.
  2. Fixed TrackedButtons naming conflicted with Steam VR
  3. Fixed Simulator not working when WIFI is connected.
  4. Fixed gazeTriggerType_System value when OverrideSystemDefault is not clicked.
  5. Fixed beam issues:Beam will disappear if beam mode is switched from other mode to mouse mode.Beam in flexible beam mode is NOT flexible.If there are two controllers in scene, only one controller beam changes following beam mode.
  6. Fixed issue of touch dot effect inactive between Apps switch.
  7. Read QualitySettings.activeColorSpace value at game thread to enable development build.
  8. Fixed Build Target group not switch to Android issue in DefaultPreferenceDialog.
  9. Fixed black screen issue after Unity 2018.1.2f1.



  1. Set default values when cast WaveVR_Pawn failed in AdaptiveControllerBP. (no WaveVR_Pawn exists)
  2. Update projection matrix when IPD changed in WVR.
  3. Use Pawn without casting to WaveVRPawn location to spawn controller model.
  4. Set default values when cast WaveVRPawn failed in AdaptiveControllerBP. (no WaveVRPawn exists)
  5. Decouple CameraTexture plugin and sample and refine VRTestApp for camera.
  6. Reset orientation same as runtime pose while take off and on HMD if triggered Teleport.
  7. Do not set pose as 0, pose will be the same as the last valid one when pose is invalid.
  8. Move “Enable Input Simulator” feature from Controller to WaveVR_Pawn
  9. Hide controller when pose is invalid.
  10. Increase the arm model elbow pitch angle from degree 60 to 90.


  1. Add Instant play feature.
  2. Add button event handling to Controller and Gaze for 3D objects of Editor Mode
  3. Add AskWaveVRPawnToTeleport_Event a bool NeedRotateYaw due to we do not make orientation change by default.
  4. Add TouchpadPress event.
  5. Add Enter/Exit event in WaveVR_Pawn for beam mouse mode.
  6. Add VR Mode while run on WVR path to increase performance.


  1. Remove mouse click event handling in AdaptiveControllerBP.
  2. Remove unhover event from interaction_interface.

Bug fixes

  1. Fix “Gaze will be triggered when switching interaction mode from Controller”
  2. Fix “Show native volume key while run on WVR path”
  3. Fix “Quick Manu cannot show after pause/resume” issue.
  4. Fix “Abnormal Quit” issue by solving assertion message.

Known Issues

  1. Do not support button effect in current version.
  2. Do not support IME in current version.
  3. Do not support WaveVR simulator in current version.

Pluginkit SDK


  1. Modified VRDevice lifecycle, call onResume/onPause after onStart


  1. Added new pluginkit API setSwipeDistanceThreshold to adjust the minimum movement of swipe motions on touchpad
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