010 EU Meetup October 31, 2017

Special Meetup today with Special Guests:

Peter Venis and Edwin Kaal





10:00 AM (16 hours ago)

to EdoDavid


I checked my world clock…says it’s 6:00 p.m. for you now, 11:00 am for me. Something was askew there. We’re about to skype, so I hope you’re getting this and can join.


On 2017-10-31 2:48, Edo Kael wrote:


Thank you for the invite and i will be there (today)

Sorry for a slow response, i was distracted with other stuff over
here in the Netherlands.
Am looking forward for the talk!


On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 10:24 AM, David W. Johnson <dj@argos.vu> wrote:


I sent that email inadvertently, before I finished:

So to complete,,,

Jean Hafner gave me your email. I would like to invite you to join our skype meetup group next Tuesday October 31 at 7:00pm Netherlands time.

We have discussed your presentation at the EU and would like to know more about your ideas.

The current list of people attending will be:

Jean Hafner        EU Coordinator
Jim Weninger      Astro-Physicist
Don Mitchell        EE
Juan Calsiano     EE
Peter Venis          Vortex Theorist – Lives in Netherlands as well
David Johnson    EE

My skype name is:


Your work is very exciting and we hope you will be able to attend our meeting.


David Johnson

the.Vu [1]


* _EdwinKaal00@gmail.com_
* _http://structuredatom.org [2]_

[1] http://the.Vu
[2] http://structuredatom.org/

2:42 AM (23 hours ago)

to JimJuanDon86326BuddyNeil

The Hits keep coming,

Please join us tomorrow for the meetup at 10am PT 1pm ET
also ran into this – Particularly Interesting:
And I put up some notes from yesterdays meeting on: