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not a bad second location
I am pleased to announce that we are holding an Electric Universe conference in the UK next year. Although we in the Electric Universe community are all on the same circuit board so to speak, we are all still independent individuals who follow our own agendas and special interests.
Of course a lot of our ideas and ideals run very much along the same lines and certainly come from the same generating station and where ever in the world we hail from. But upto recently the only real place for everyone to get together to discuss such matters in person was at the Thunderbolts Project’s American event in the US of A and more recently at the Suspicious 0bservers conference, as they are aligned with our community, but once again this is held in the States.

Now though, as the proof grows that the sub-standard model is woefully wrong, more and more people are looking to the Electric Universe to show a more enlightened view on reality. So we on this side of the pond are now also able to offer a place where you can get antiquated with an Electric Universe and some of the people closely connected to it.

This will be very much be a uk flavoured affair and in two parts and those involved aim to make it one of those, ‘I wish I could have been there’ events.

The five days will be split over two different locations with an Open Day between them. As well as having some top speakers in the first two days, the weekend days will be very much a relaxed immersive affair, where fun ‘other bits’ will be going on to amuse and educate.

Lucy Wyatt and Adrian Gilbert, co-organisers, and in harmony with the Thunderbolts group are putting on the first ever ‘Electric Universe’ Conference in the UK. It is going to span five days, from June 27-July 1 2018.
The first two days will be held in Bath. This will be a formal conference, similar in format to the Thunderbolts Conferences in the USA . There will be guest speakers from all over the world, including Wal Thornhill from Australia. He is one of the founders of the Thunderbolts group, and as their chief adviser on Physics, the main driving force today for expounding and developing the Electric Universe paradigm. We are very pleased and honoured to have him attend what will be the first official Electric Universe Conference to he held outside of the USA.
Also coming will be Monty Childs, the CEO of the SAFIRE project, which is simply the most advanced experiment to date on testing out the plasma sun model. According to this model, the sun is not an on-going nuclear explosion but something more akin to a fluorescent light bulb. It receives its energy from outside of it in the form of electric current flows from the rest of the galaxy. The SAFIRE experiment has been running for several years now, testing this hypothesis under laboratory conditions. Monty will tell us their latest news, which believe me you don’t want to miss. It is really exciting. You can read about SAFIRE here: http://www.electricuniverse.info/Safire_Project
There will be other members of the Thunderbolts and SAFIRE team coming as well. In addition we have a growing galaxy of other speakers, some from the UK, some from the rest of Europe. These include Rupert Sheldrake, perhaps the most outstanding figure in the Philosophy of Science today. Also Robert Temple will be speaking as will my humble self.
Friday 29th will be an ‘open’ day for delegates to either enjoy the delights of Bath (a very popular idea with their wives I am told!) or to visit interesting sites in the area, such as Cheddar Gorge (a mini Grand Canyon with evidence of electrical scarring), Avebury Henge (the largest stone circle monument in the world), Glastonbury Tor or Hinckley Point nuclear power station, if that takes their fancy. There may even be a few early-bird crop circles to inspect, the southwest of England being where they most often occur.
For the weekend of 30th June to 1st July, the location shifts to the Quantock Hills near Taunton (Somerset). Here, at Lucy Wyatt’s private conference centre we will be holding a second conference but with a different purpose. This one will feature seminars intended to teach the basics of Electric Universe Theory. We will also engage in simple but practical experiments to do with electricity so that those who are not from a scientific background can get a better idea of what it is all about. At night, weather permitting, we will look at the stars in the company of at least one senior astronomer to show us the way. Less formal than the Bath conference, this event is planned to be fun for all concerned.
So that is it for now folks. I will keep you posted as things develop further and with details of costs etcetera. For now please keep your diaries open for those dates, either for a part or all of the time from 27 June to 1 July.
The raised feature was put there first by two other electrical events elsewhere, after which the subsequent bolt was unleashed to ground to create the canyon.


Sorry Michael RIP, but even if the arc did happened after, it does still actually show the dust layering of the previous electrical activity and in doing so, expose what has been come to be known as, the ‘Great Unconformity’.

This is yet another piece of physical evidence that exposes the main stream guesswork (both mountains and river formations) to be floored.

I also think think that most all river systems start as grounding charge starting just off the coast, which then moves inland as the bolts fully discharge. This would explain why the Colorado River (and on the much smaller scale, the quite deep but short River Crouch in England, both end up at suddenly becoming nothing more than the size of a stream, with the Essex river being a narrow uniform width for about half its length and the Colorado being like this for most of its length.

The Mississippi is though the best place to see a bolt coming ashore after grounding in the electrically salty shallows just off the coast and then arcing its way through the landscape and so creating the river drainage.