Ramon Llull – Prima Figura



Doctor Illuminatus Ramon Llull is an amazing figure in the field of philosophy during the Middle Ages, and one of the first people who tried to make logical deductions in a mechanical, rather than a mental way. His method was an early attempt to use logical means to produce knowledge. He demonstrated in an extremely elementary (but nevertheless workable) way that human thought can be described and even imitated by a device. This was a small step towards the thinking machine. But every journey, even the longest, begins with a tiny step.

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Electron Existence – Disputed by Tesla, C.P. Steinmetz and J.J. Thomson




Does an Electron ‘particle’ exist? Tesla, Heaviside, JC Maxwell & CP Steinmetz said NO

Nikola Tesla November 1928 interview:
On the whole subject of matter, in fact, Dr. Tesla holds views that are startlingly original. He disagrees with the accepted atomic theory of matter, and does not believe in the existence of an “electron” as pictured by science.

“To account for its apparently small mass, science conceives of the electron as a hollow sphere, a sort of bubble, such a bubble could exist in a medium as a gas or liquid because its internal pressure is not altered by deformation. But if, as supposed, the internal pressure of an electron is due to the repulsion of electric masses, the slightest conceivable deformation must result in the destruction of the bubble! Just to mention another improbability…” – Nikola Tesla
Article: “A Famous Prophet of Science Looks into the Future” (Popular Science Monthly)

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