R. Careaga – The Great Pyramids of Kentucky

Sf. R. Careaga, BSEE, MSTOM

Constellation alignments in the Broaddus (Ft. Ancient) Site

The pyramids of Kentucky are only partially researched, and certainly unknown to the public. Previous efforts to research and publicize them ended with very little about them being retained, meanwhile the unknown ones remain primarily on private land. The parabolic pyramid-mounds of the Broaddus site remain on federal land, however, at the Bluegrass Army Depot, and have miraculously survived basically intact.

Their angular, distance, and dimensional alignments to Giza, Caracol (Belize), Orion, and Cygnus are studied utilizing precise ratios taken from multiple sources. Variances between the ratios are compared to analyze similarities and differences in design that can be understood from LiDAR (due to inaccessibility to the site) courtesy of the Kentucky From Above program. After some discussion of the results as relates the Orion and Cygnus Configuration Theories, the data is constrained to the 1000-2000 CE period and compared with Orion and Cygnus to obtain the actual delta of the angles. The ratios are used to form a triangular relationship and look for best-fit-curve for all the sites, but primarily Broaddus.