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Hamlet’s Mill

Randall Carlson Intro To the Mysteries



007 EU Meetup October 16, 2017

Oct 15 (2 days ago)

to jhafnerJimJuan
Greetings all 🙂
Please join us for the Skype meetup tomorrow:
Monday: October 16, 2017 at
UTC-3       8:00pm
ET             7:00pm
Mountain   5:00pm
PT             4:00pm
Listed below are some of the discussion topics from last week
Jan Lamprecht ★ Hollow Earth Theory Inner Earth Science Evidence ♦ Hollow Planets 
Proof 2
Talk given – diligently – seismic data
Stars in Hour Glass Shape – Spherical 

Filamentary Structure 


Cecil Ronson – Plasma Labs (not found sp?)

Lowell Morgan – Experimental Plasma

Helix Nebula

Garret Hill – Alfven

Typical Alfvén Waves

Kinetic Alfvén Waves

Alfven Nobel Speech – MHD 

When I describe the [plasma phenomena] according to this formulism most referees do not understand what I say and turn down my papers. With the referee system which rules US science today, this means that my papers are rarely accepted by the leading US journals.[14]

Experimental Plasma Research

New Light – Bias – Mel Acheson – Occam’s Beard – Epistomology

It is in this context that, as Mel writes: “it’s necessary for Ockham to grow a beard of speculations that revolutionizes what we used to know.”

FET – BiPolar Junction – 20s pivotal time

Star Distances – Star Cluster Field of View –

Lorentz nor Poincare

Relativity priority dispute

Still, neither Lorentz nor Poincare ever whole-heartedly embraced special relativity, for reasons that may best be summed up by Lorentz when he wrote
Yet, I think, something may also be claimed in favor of the form in which I have presented the theory. I cannot but regard the aether, which can be the seat of an electromagnetic field with its energy and its vibrations, as endowed with a certain degree of substantiality, however different it may be from all ordinary matter. In this line of thought it seems natural not to assume at starting that it can never make any difference whether a body moves through the aether or not, and to measure distances and lengths of time by means of rods and clocks having a fixed position relatively to the aether.

Chaos at 50


Super Ultra Specialization – Reductionism –

Red Shift Falicy – Cosmology Quest – Documentary    – Eric Lerner – “Big Bang Never Happened Theory – Velvet Hammer – Berbige  – Halton Arp Quasars Controversies – Plasma Cosmology – Jans Alfmen     – Anthony Peratt – Things in front of things – Doppler Effect – Galaxies – Opposite of what – “Seeing Red”

Gabriel Keleman – Cymatics


Dave Lapoint –  3 Videos – Double Slit experiment – Matter is formed


The VU – Radial Attractors:



7:53 PM (11 hours ago)

to jhafnerJim

Jean and Jim

Great talking this evening.
Here are the links for reference.
TetraHedron work I did for Joe Matto.
Password – bucky
Randall Carlson
Infinity Theory
Hey Juan,
Checking out Beltrami flow. Pretty amazing.
I started here:

Led me to this:
Just published apparently.
Digging through it a bit. Interested in your thoughts on  Myron W. Evans & Horst Eckardt ECE & ECE2
Also, I met with Peter Venis earlier today. He is an interesting and nice character. He spent a number of years putting his theory together and is now focused on nutrition. He does not have much “upper level” math background.  I am always compelled to understand peoples motivation and had to question what his imperative was to put all this material together. He said he just saw a puzzle that he needed to explore.  He finds no desire to refute any theories. He insisted it is just another way of looking at phenomena and reality.  He is interested in meeting with us at some point when/if we can coordinate schedules.
I find his idea of a continuum of spatial dimensions pretty radical and compelling. Along with his ideas on the One Field.
Thanks for Beltrami – More to explore.


On Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 8:13 PM, Juan Calsiano <> wrote:

Sorry, here is the book.

On 18 October 2017 at 00:09, Juan Calsiano <> wrote:

Start with a nice force-free filament as described by the LSBC model. Such an “inviscid” effectively ideal flow can continue to flow without any significant losses for as long as the larger environment allows it to flow.

Now imagine that such a flow, instead of flowing more or less linearly (even if a part of a larger helix), can now start to steeply curl. For example, if you consider the wave-structure aspect of the filament, consider that such filament encounters a steep density gradient that forces the filament to refract towards the density gradient. Imagine that the physical variables that relate to the filament and to the density gradient are of such particular values that the refraction produces the filament “wave front” to make a ring and thus perfectly join a previous part of the filament, not unlike an ouroboros. A stable self-sustaining discrete layered toroidal force-free structure is born.

Now check out the images on page 147 (and onwards) on the attached book.
Inline images 1
Inline images 2

You may want to google a bit about these Beltrami vortices.

In fluid dynamics, Beltrami flows are flows in which the vorticity vector \mathbf {\omega } and the velocity vector \mathbf {v} are parallel to each other.

On force-free magnetic fields and beltrami flows

Solenoidal vector fields, which satisfy the condition that the field vector everywhere parallels to its curl, have complex topological structures, and usually show chaotic behaviors. In this paper, analytical solutions for vector fields with constant proportional factor in three basic coordinate systems are presented and it is pointed out that a Beltrami flow can sustain a steady force-free magnetic field in a perfectly conducting fluid, provided the magnetic field is parallel to the velocity everywhere.

On 17 October 2017 at 21:18, Jim Weninger <> wrote:

Sorry if I already sent this.  (I’m having trouble with my email)
The idea here is that the pair of counter rotating pool vortices can not be understood by looking at the plane of the pool’s surface.  Could this be true for counter rotating galaxies as well?  The question, given observation of galactic “sheets”, is if these are not “sheets”, but in fact “boundaries” between regions of different plasma density.  Plasma does seem to behave this way here maybe: (???)
Related image

002 EU Meetup October 9, 2017

Oct 8 (9 days ago)

to jhafnerJimJuanJoseph
Greetings all 🙂
Please join us for the Skype meetup tomorrow:
Monday: October 9, 2017 at
UTC-3       8:00pm
ET             7:00pm
Mountain   5:00pm
PT             4:00pm
Listed below are some of the discussion topics from last week
Steven Smith – 3D MARs Viewer EU 2014

Alien Sky – MARS
Episode 2 Symbols of an Alien Sky
Neil Adams – Same source image
Andode Tuffs Ralph Juergens

Electric Sun – Discharge – Anode Sun – Cathode Sun 

Infinite Universe – Glenn Borchardt 

From: David W. Johnson <>
Date: Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 2:11 AM
Subject: Fwd: Prayers and Arcana
To: jhafner <>, Juan Calsiano <>
Cc: Jim Weninger <>

Jean and Juan,

I shared this with Jim following our conversation today. I re-read it later on this evening having just run into it over the weekend. (I haven’t been inclined to study alchemy in any depth until recently, as you probably gathered 🙂
Thought you might find it complimentary to our discussion today.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: David W. Johnson <>
Date: Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 8:25 PM
Subject: Prayers and Arcana
To: Jim Weninger <>

This guy is apparently a heavy weight.
Dennis William Hauck
Here is a book I got into in the ’80s which includes Godel’s Ideas
Godel Escher Bach
Prayers and Arcana
by Dennis William Hauck
Alchemists try to rid themselves of the lesser gods of ego, dogma, and unyielding archetypes that imprison all of us, so they could move closer to God. More than any other movement in history, truly more so than any religion or science of our times, the alchemists never took their eyes from the true God, the One who is All. This can be seen in the words of the Alchemist’s Prayer:
The Alchemist’s Prayer
Oh, most singular and unspeakable Presence, first and last in the universe, heighten the fury of my fire and burn away the dross of my being. Cleanse my soiled soul; bathe me in your awesome light. Set me free from my history and cut me loose from my boundaries. Unite me with the One Thing hidden in my life, wherein is my only strength. Fill me with your Presence, allow me to see through your Eye, grant me entry to your Mind, let me resonate with your Will. Make me transparent to your flame, and fashion me into a lens for your light only. Transmute me into an incorruptible Stone in your eternal service, like the golden light that surrounds you.
The Emerald Tablet Arcana
Arcanum One: Whatever remains always Below becomes its own worst enemy.
In our ignorance, we are constantly messing up the alchemy of our lives and that of the planet. The opportunistic growth of ego, whether in a person or in a nation, gradually takes over the whole organism and becomes its Tyrant King, who keeps power through disinformation and subterfuge. Ego, on whatever level it manifests, saps us of energy and positions us opposite the divine. By living under ego and not our essence, we are no longer living in truth and bring about our own demise. We loose innocence; our plans and goals become mockeries. Calcination, the hellfire reserved for those who go against the thoughts emanating from the One Mind, who live outside the Operation of the Sun, can take place on a personal, marital, social, national, or planetary level.
Nothing will ever go right, unless we are connected to the One source of all creation. The Rightful Ruler, the sacred Presence within each one of us, must overthrow this despot King. We must acknowledge the Presence beyond ego, for when it is coagulated and ruling our world, we, too, are divine; but when things are not going our way, we are experiencing the justice of Thoth himself. Jesus knew exactly what it meant to remain Below, and he expressed it in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas: “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth can save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
Arcanum Two: The way to truth is through Intelligence of the Heart.
Arriving at a solution to any problem requires the suspension of previous assumptions and the discovery of new perspectives. However, one of the most basic and hardest assumptions to give up is the assumption that all problems can be solved rationally. Any thinking scientist or mathematician will tell you that reality is made up of both rational and irrational components. The only totally rational world exists inside computers, where reality is artificial and limited to preprogrammed parameters. As sentient beings, our only advantage is to live on the edge between “yes and no,” in the chaotic zone where only our living intuition knows the way. So, finding truth requires using our minds and following our hearts, which is why the alchemists sought to develop a feeling intellect. That is what they meant when they warned that the alchemist could transmute nothing until he had transmuted himself. At that point, the alchemist opens himself fully to feeling and experience. In fact, in many drawings, alchemists are shown burning or tearing up books to demonstrate that this is not static knowledge or dogma but a living, experiential gnosis.
During meditative work in our own inner laboratories, we too can actually feel the Emerald Formula working within us and living in our heart of hearts. From the perspective of the Emerald Tablet, the only unforgivable sin is smugness, which is the unwillingness to be alive and open to new experience.
Arcanum Three: Every created thing carries the Signature of its creator.
Nature is a book from which the wisdom of the divine can be read. By recognizing the divine signature of a thing, you can understand the connection between the Above and the Below through which it was manifested. Each thing has its own signature, the archetypal essence that can be identified by its similar expressions. By contemplating the relationship between the objects in our lives and the forces that created them, we can arrive at the “thing itself” and know its inherent identity. Only in this way can we understand what these objects or forces mean to us and whether they represent threats or assistance. This application of the Doctrine of Correspondences is fundamental, and by ignoring these congruencies between the Above and the Below we are holding back the wisdom of the universe.
The alchemists became very familiar with the signatures of metals, and we have seen how the physical properties of metals became associated with an individual’s temperament. The alchemists saw that the metals carried the signatures of the planets, just as we carry the signatures of the metals. The same principle was adapted in Paracelsian medicine, in which the signatures of plants determine how they can be used to cure people. Balinas believed that the esoteric signatures of gemstones could also be used to heal. Such alchemical therapies work on both a subtle and a gross level at once, by working with the hidden signatures of things. As we have seen throughout this book, words and images have signatures too, and even religions have their own signature based on how they came into being. By the same token, the God whom people worship places his Signature on their minds.
Arcanum Four: Continued enlightenment comes from living within the Operation of the Sun.
True enlightenment cannot come from earthbound philosophies. We must find a source higher than ourselves, and for the Egyptians and hermeticists of all ages, that source was symbolized by the Sun. This is not primitive sun worship but a genuine regard for the higher alchemy of the universe expressed in the Operation of the Sun. It is a state of consciousness less cut off from the source of life and more in tune with the internal dimensions of the cosmos that are reflected within us.
Whether it is seen simply as the governor of dark and light, the revealer of Cosmic Ages, or the Mind of God, the Operation of the Sun demonstrates the Ouroboros – the Fountain of Fountains – the seemingly endless creation of light and energy feeding off the One Thing within itself. Each one of us can live the same way, if we tap into the inexhaustible reserves of our nuclear Self. To do that, of course, requires peeling away all the leaden layers of falseness that have grown over it in the course of our lives and withdrawing the carbon rods of control placed there by ego. This ouroboric reaction within us is an amazing and unbelievably powerful source of pure energy that can heal our faults and sustain high levels of health and enthusiasm, inspiration and bliss in our lives.
If you follow the Operation of the Sun, which is alchemy, something amazing will begin to unfold in your life. Truly astonishing synchronicities will occur at the intersection of your mind and the One Mind. It is as if your interest in alchemy will cause alchemy to become interested in you.
Arcanum Five: The gateway to the Above is through the True Imagination.
The True Imagination exists on the fine line between real and unreal, manifested and unmanifested. Where do you draw the line at what is real? Your fantasies? Your dreams? Your thoughts? Psychology ¾ is that real? Should we accept the view of quantum physicists that matter itself is an illusion? According to the alchemists, everything is real. Everything we perceive is all part of the same One Thing, and we are as connected to it as we want to be. As the Gateway to the Above, the True Imagination is connected to the physical reality of the One Thing through the archetypes and to the glorified realm of the One Mind through the light of consciousness, and when the forces of Above and Below come together, anything can happen. Many people have experienced this power at the borderline between sleeping and waking, or between death and life. One ten-year-old boy, who had a near-death experience, described it as “walking inside your mind.” At such times, we realize that the universe is alive with Mind, and Mind is a real place, even though the light that dawns there is the imagination.
Using the power of True Imagination, we enter the Greater Mysteries that begin with our Fermentation, in which we experience an influx of meaningful insight and higher inspiration. It is with the True Imagination that we first perceive the Stone. What is the True Imagination? To the alchemists, it was the fusion of Mercury with Sulfur, the passionate union of imagination and will beyond all egocentric fantasy. This combination affects the very fabric of existence, creating a gravity of likely events that brings image to fruition.
Arcanum Six: Your feelings and thoughts are the feelings and thoughts of the Whole Universe.
For the ancients, who lived in accord with the principles of the Operation of the Sun, thoughts and words had tremendous power. To know something’s name was to have complete control over it, because it provided a focus for the use of willful thought. Following the Doctrine of Correspondences, they believed that just as the Thoughts of the One Mind, what we would call the Word of God, created the universe, so can the thoughts and words of mankind change his reality Below. As we approach the millennium, more and more people are realizing this simple truth once again. Meditation groups are at work throughout the world trying to raise the “vibrations” of our planet and repair some of the damage caused by centuries of thoughtless negativity.
We must remember that the intentional articulation of thought is how things are manifested. Consciousness is a force in the universe, and words really do have power. Watch how you use then, for words are sacred. You are yourself the living Word of the cosmos, and you embody the sulfuric awareness and mercurial imagination that materialize the salt of existence. And if you can clear yourself of all the falsity, fantasy, and ignorance around you, if you can return to your most innocent essence, you too can work the miracles of Hermes.
How can mortals work miracles? We work miracles all the time without even being aware of it. All of us are incarnations of Hermes and are constantly either creating lead or gold in our lives. Since we can feel what others feel and think what others think, we change our personal reality by thinking and feeling like certain people. We must learn to think and feel like the person we want to become. We know what it is to be twenty years old; we know what it is to be completely healthy; we know what it is to be creative and insightful. By applying the power of True Imagination, anything is possible. However, because the universe is alive with Mind, our empowered thoughts have repercussions which can produce results we do not expect. There is no way of escaping the power of Thoth, the God of Thought. If you deny it, it will hide from you according to your command. In alchemy, justice means you create your own reality.
Arcanum Seven: The eternal Stone is a purified consciousness that remains intact on all levels.
As Hermes never tires of telling us, over and over, over and over: the One Thing and the One Mind are One. He means that mind and body, Soul and Spirit, male and female, positive and negative, Above and Below, are all One. All sexes, all races, all species, all life is One. All life, all death; all heroes, all villains; all angels, all demons; all gods, all devils are One. Unless you find this One within you ¾ what the alchemists called the Stone ¾ you cannot escape the continual dance of becoming that is duality, even for an instant. That is the message of the Ouroboros. That “All Is One” is the basis of the alchemical principle of changing one thing into another, and alchemical transformation would not be possible unless everything were really One.
Renaissance alchemists sometimes referred to the Stone as the “Telesma,” which means a self-perfecting physical presence similar to our modern idea of the force behind nature or evolution. By working with the Telesma, the alchemists hoped to speed up the process of our species’ evolution, to truly participate in the work of nature, to affect it and transform it, making of it not an evolutionary phenomena but a revolutionary happening within one’s own lifetime. The Stone is the emerging pattern that resulted from the tireless work of the alchemists in past millennia. It is our true legacy, a gift to each of us from each of them. Balinas even included it in his will to us!
We can make of the Stone a truly living presence within us or we can throw it away. The choice is ours, yet if we do not accept it as our salvation, all is lost. In her article “Annals of the Invisible College,” recently published in Lapis magazine, author Jocelyn Godwin presents an impartial and startling summary of the Hermetic Tradition:
“There is nothing left of most people’s souls once they have been filtered through the planetary spheres. The vast majority will be extinguished as personalities soon after death, then perhaps recycled as different people. The adept’s ambition is to survive this general Dissolution, and if he should incarnate again, to do so only through deliberate choice, not through bondage like everyone else. In order to pass beyond the boundaries of the cosmos, symbolized by the starry sphere, and enter consciously into another mode of existence, the adept must have forged, during life, a ‘radiant body’ as a vehicle for this individuality. Knowing of this hyper-esoteric stream makes it easier to understand alchemy. The forging of the radiant body goes in parallel with the chemical events, and its completion is marked by the appearance of the Philosopher’s Stone.”


On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 7:54 PM, Jim Weninger <> wrote:

Here is an image of the sun, in the local clouds. The mainstream describes the sun’s motion as “skimming the surface” of our cloud, but also doing so in the region between two adjacent clouds.
Those clouds themselves, are imbedded in the “shells” shown here
So that might put the sun in a similar situation as the sphere in the coke can

006 EU Meetup October 2, 2017

Hey Guys:
||: Here is the invitation to you for the meetup tomorrow :||
Skype meetup on
Monday: October 2, 2017 at
UTC-3      8:00pm
Mountain  5:00pm
PST          4:00pm
Looks like Jean is going to explore Geo-Formations at Ghost Ranch tomorrow so she won’t be joining us.
You might enjoy some of my back and forth with Don Mitchell included – (warts included)
and… Here are the notes – from last week:
Panspermia – Extremophiles – ELectrical Discharges – Oil
Mythos Historical Characteristics – Sticky
Chris Reeve
Dan Wilson – Parable of Change –
Confrontational –
Moon Mars Occultation – Ben Davidson – Quake Watch Website – First Derivative with respect to time
Comet XRays – Location – Perihelion – Ben Davidson – Proactive – Determined – 2 or 3 or 4 instances – starry nights
App 100,000 outreach – skewed filament along atomic level dipole filament – helical structures – assumption – packed spheres – maximum efficiency
DNA very long and thread like – condenses down

Root metaphysics – Allign with ancient conciousness – eastern tradition – infinity – physical worlds without end – meta physics – infinite conciousness robust
Talk Slides regarding nature of matter – Surprized – Hand out – Re-Broadcasts – Johny Gedowski – Presentation all over the place – Electronics Engineer –
Robert Johnson – Bob – Step by Step – Engineer – Floating water bridge – Electric Sun – Anode Sun – Thunderbolts – Charles Chandler –
Continued Published SIS society on interdisciplinary studies – Climate Change – Variable Sun – Wind Charge Differentials – Diffuse Plasma –
John Chapelle Natural Philosophy Alliance – Infinite Universe Glen Bokart Bolk – War – Split – Dave Dehilster Web Editor – Semantics – Disident Scientist – Particles – Boundless Universe
Biasing Way of seeing the world – Matter being compressible – Velikovsky – Sketptical – Relativity – Probability

This Geometry keep coming to mind – as I read your email:

So I’ll present to you the flow of things I’ve looked at inspired by your email:

And… Scientific – Lee on fractal nature, Birkeland Currents, etc. He’s a bit rough around the edges – but the insights and visualizations are pretty good from this side of the pond.
Happy Sunday…


On Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 8:36 AM, don mitchell <> wrote:

David, here’s the windy email I asked if you wanted to read….

Hi David,

I was amazed to see your earlier image-version during our talk, like the output graphic you sent, except is was more ‘mature,’ looking like two spheres with the banding, separated by a small amount where a tiny hourglass resides.  1/r gravity model can’t do that with a planet at center.  Particles accelerate and pass-through center to transform (over time, evolve over time) from one sphere to two spheres of banded surface element-density.  First blush brings to mind that perhaps the ether matrix could host the transformation of a spherical charge (dielectric) into striated, dual spheres (dipole magnetism), with some separation.  Just by iterating 1/r.  Still amazed.

Here is the sunflower chemical-oscillator spiral auxin thing I had posted, in my Fibonacci page:
That is an excerpt from American Physical Society, ‘Synopsis: How Plants Do Their Math.’  What I explained isn’t there, as a chemical oscillator pulsing as a function of a growth-vector (auxin distribution affects growth per region).  I either read it while researching, or imagined it.

Warning Will Robinson!  Alien text approaching!

You asked how I would go about testing the star-collapse analogy (in copper).  I talked about the conductive loops of a torus knot that are analogous to the rotating AND compressing, in-rolling, shrinking torus topology within the volume of the (spinning) collapsing stellar plasma medium, with plasma rivers as torus knots of some degree.  A nifty sub-analogy happens between the thunderous sonic vibrations of the scalar (sonic) medium of the collapsing star plasma (extreme pressurized chaos), and the timing-noise within the rotary step-phase pulse-timing.

While I can test for natural resonant frequency in a torus knot, after mastering  measurement technique on simpler circular loops, and radial arrays of loops slanted to the Villarceau angle (like that copper loop thing I built), I hope to investigate the higher-order sub-harmonics that are driven by the impulse of random thunder-claps of the star analogy – or in copper, the timing jitter of the phase-stepped pulse driver for the ring-array of resonant conductors.  That is, when over-driven (thunderously), the copper resonator selects higher frequencies of harmonic multiples above the fundamental resonance, while all frequency components are simultaneously the same resonant topology (resonant magnetic topology assumes charge-surfaces (voltage patterns) created by induced dielectric charge).

If I continue to live long enough, resonant studies then tweak a sequence of data-driven design iterations/tests to illuminate what happens to a 3D resonant structure that has a magnetic disconnect within the resonant surface.  That is the inner and outer loops that are magnetically disconnected in the orthogonal torus knot, when electrically juvenated.  Will the square Phi knot achieve a level of resonance within the inner windings before or after the outer loops fall into a resonant dwell?  Will both inner and outer knot windings have resonant frequencies (coherent structures) that are inter-related? Or have independent frequency-sets?

I hope to discover, in my penultimate pipe-dream, how to develop a resonator with a torus knot step-rotary array that energizes in bifilar fashion (self-cancelling current symmetry) to form a magnetic torus/vortex with a dielectric-charge center, while the coherent structure is encapsulated in an outer-charge of the opposite polarity.  Some tricks required (a 2D skyrmion in a thin film at the torus plane, or in a metallic nano-crystal random surface, or such) to seed an normally impossible coherent structure (structurally-assisted strain-organized field assembly).  The final versions of small coils may need power levels perhaps over ten thousand Watts to sufficiently overdrive a bifilar winding into dipolar resonance. Rather than chasing the higher wattage versions (needed for more power) with faster/bigger transistors, the spiral-wound capacitive-inductor patents describe how to develop a very-high-voltage push-pull resonator that can be controlled/switched/dialed by digital logic over common driver transistors, which logic is the ring-oscillator of the noisy rotary square Phi knot array thingie.

Oh boy.  That’s a load. Thanks for asking 🙂

cheers, d

p.s  If the radial velocity of the magnetic rotation of a square Phi device at scale produces a propagation of magnetic density change, per Znidarsic’s theory based on real, measured data, at or near to Znidarsic’s velocity (1.094 mega-meter-seconds), then nuclear field (matter near field) effects may emerge within the resonant field, which could be both disastrous and wonderful.  Differently, the near field of the atomic matrix of a copper resonator may structuralize a magnetic resonance at one certain frequency, per the scale of the device. Aim: formation of a macro-giant 3D skyrmion (a magnetic vortex with a dielectric charge on center, a charge-carrying magnetic macro boson).  This sums the most of my alien science career, minus the star mind stuff and assorted woo-woo subjections.

005 EU Meetup September 25, 2017

Jean, Jim and Juan,

Another great meetup last week.

Just want to again extend the invitation for the meeting tomorrow.
Skype meetup on
Monday: September 25, 2017 at
UTC-3      8:00pm
Mountain  5:00pm
PST          4:00pm

Notes from last week:

Ignacio Cisneros
Medical Practice – Sound Current – Jokn of God
Edgar Cayce
Sphinx Predates Pyramids
Jim Fibrations
Carbon Dating – Chris Reeve – Emails –  Wal Thornberg
DBD – Radiometric Dating – Gradualism – Evolution – Creationism – Uniformitarianism –
Philosophy of Science – Deterministic – Nature of Matter – plasma – experiments –
Causality – Conservation – Scales – Interconnection – Infinite Universe Theory –
Plasma – Perats – Plasma Blue Whirl Filaments – Discharge – 2005 EU Book –


Unbroken chain of comparison – measuring time – distance – sol – Red Shift – Arcturus – Motion across the sky if not as far away as we think
Parallax- distance – shells of material – refractive index – Paralax space velocity – Normal velocity – moving motion matched – Arcturus
Red Giants – Orders of magnitude difference – Red shift – index of refraction – non linear variance
Time independence – Current Density – Edward D.  Double Layer – Ionization Fronts

Michael Clarage   – CPAK – Sol – Spirit – Bessel Function Filaments
Pole star associated with Saturn – Hamlets Mill – Dwardu Cardona  – Gods Fire = Filamentary Gas Clouds
Time Line – Jean:
Period – 27,000 events – 11,000 BC
Venus 35,000 BC – Venus Figures – Michelin Man – Saturn coming in at an angle
11,000 BC North American – Double layer Breach – 1000 years of darkness and extreme cold – Robert Shock
Jerginson Breach Compression Force – Repulsive Force – Arc – Jergins – Electic Field Force – Time Line
35 species of
Clavas Points
Petra Glyphs 8000 – Back to Ocean – Current
Pale Inc – Chinese – Coming over in Boats –
Chrsanthemum and the Sword – Japanese Culture –
After 1000
Hipso Paleozoic – Green Sahara – Earth Spiraling Down – Glowing Plasma – Earth would end up can see
Gods are seen – 4,000 – Golden Era – See Saturn – Unversal Goddess – Gaia – Dragon – Vesica Pisces
300ad – Mary Magdalene – Peter, Paul

David W. Johnson <>

Sep 25

to jhafnerJimJuan
Here is the pdf that I ran across before the meeting today:
From this guy: Dan Winter – Buddy Dougherty – suggested to check him out.

David W. Johnson <>

Sep 27

to jhafnerJimJuan

Greetings all,

This site is probably worth a perusal.
I run across a lot of material from this character on twitter:

004 EU Meetup September 18, 2017

Jean, Jim and Juan,

Great meetup again last week.

Just want to again extend the invitation for the meeting tomorrow.
Skype meetup on
Monday: September 18, 2017 at
UTC-3      8:00pm
Mountain  5:00pm
PST          4:00pm
Here are some notes with some links for reference from last week 🙂
Alcyone Central Sun
Michelson Morely – Light Speed – Measure motion throught ether
Material moves with environment
Cycles of Time
Hamlets Mill – Holy Science
Take them Back in Time – CPAK – Experts – World view Walter Cruttenden
Precession – East Myths – Ideas – Sun is orbiting another – CPAK Robert Shock – Sphinxs – John Anthony West
Dynasty in Egypt
Recent Catastrophies – Conflict – Dynamic – Impulse
Ancient people knew – Trace them out over time – Catostrophic changes – Ring – Impulse – Precession = 90*
Holy Science … Wake up and Go to Sleep – Darkest Ages – Senses – WitchCraft – Electic Forces Magnetic Forces –
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All branches should converge – Multidisciplinary
Dave Talbot = Core Mythology – Ancient Sources – no isolated source – Aztecs reconstruction
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Ev Cochrane: Planetary Catastrophe
Venus Plasma Tail – Point Like a Cris Reeve – Thermal non Equilibrium – GeMerkin – Good Speed
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Sep 22
to jhafnerJimJuan

Hey guys,

Ran across this info through Don Mitchel.

Thought it might contribute to the conversation.




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From: David W. Johnson <>
Date: Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 10:15 AM
Subject: Bergson’s Holographic Theory – 18 – Tesla and the Ether
To: don mitchell <>

Ran across this last night,

Interested in your take on it:

Bergson’s Holographic Theory – 18 – Tesla and the Ether


On Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 9:54 AM, don mitchell <> wrote:

Join the resistance (humor)

On Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 9:33 AM, don mitchell <> wrote:

Hi David,

Thanks for the post-chat email with links about our talk.  That helps my neurons.  The tree of dodecadhedral twins is fascinating, looking graphically similar to x-ray diffraction patterns through crystals.  Thanks for the gimbling illustrations.

I thought you may appreciate the speculation by Neil below on a density-increase of the local aether within our solar system, which he cites as evident by a now permanent halo around the moon.

His long-time site is

Neil is a sensitive (as in telepathic-ish) trained by an American Indian shawoman (lady shaman). I’ve never met him in person or talked to him.  We’ve traded emails over the years, and he keeps me on at least some of his mailings as a BCC recipient, usually.  I think his mathematical physics centers around Russian spinor theory (aether matrix), and claims to have the proper answer.  He is degreed in computer science.

cheers – don

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From: Robert Neil Boyd Ph D <>
Date: Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 6:47 AM
Subject: The Sun is now radiating Rainbow Lights
To: “David G. Yurth” <>, “Dr Jon ‘Xue Zhang’ Jang Ph.D” <>, “Dr. Adrian Klein” <>, “Dr. Sergey N. Arteha,” <>, Florentin Smarandache <>, “Frank Demuro, CEO, PBTC” <>, Gene Nassoiy Barbour <>, Helmut Hansen <>, Huping Hu <>, Ivars Fabriciuss <>, “Ji Hao,” <>, Luca Bianchi <>, Louis Malklaka <>, Pierre-Marie Robitaille <>, “Prof. Andre K. T. Assis,” <>, “Prof. Stephan J. G. Gift” <>, “Prof. Zifeng Li” <>, Volodymyr Krasnoholovets <>, Wallace Thornhill <>
Cc: Bialek Szczepan <>, Bonny Willow <>, Byoung Ha Ahn <>,, Daniel Hirsch <>, DonEMitchell <>, “Dr. Angelo A Toriello” <>, “Dr. Edward Henry Dowdye, Jr.” <>, “Dr. Neal Graneau” <>, Francesca Intini <>, Greg Volk <>, Hu Chang-Wei <>, Jean Wood Gupta <>, Jesse Going <>, Quique Barletta <>, Wendy Zammit <>

If you will look at a smooth reflective surface with some curvature to it and catch the reflection of the sun at the proper angle, you will easily see movingrainbow “spikes” which are radiating from and involved with the sun.

This is a new phenomenon and is directly related to direct and recorded observations of the years-long rainbow ring around the full moon and the rainbow rings around all manner of human-made light fixtures, in my opinion. These are not the intermittent rainbow rings from decades past, but PERMANENT and globally observable rainbow rings. The ring around the moon is always there now, and this is not at all the rare event it used to be 50 to 100 years ago.

Notice the spikes of light radiating from the central moon circle. I think these are directly connected to the properties of the sunlight that the moon is reflecting to us.

I think these newly observed rainbow sun-spikes are due the same kind of aether density increase which has been causing lunar rainbow rings, intensifying in its influence so that now the effect is directly observable in sun-reflections. I am of the opinion that these rainbow lights are due to increased aether density associated with shells of increased aether density which every galaxy throws off periodically in events known as quantized red shifts.

Due to astrophysical observations of the periodicity of galactic quantized red shifts, I predicted several years ago that the fine structure constant would be changing in value in the future, and indeed it has been changing in its measured value for several years. As the fine structure constant is changing, so too are the fundamental laws of physics are changing.

When the shell of increased aether density has passed entirely through the solar system, at the other side of the shell, the laws of physics will be observed to have been altered permanently in our vicinity in the galaxy.

As I have said before, there are no constants. There are only locally reliable average values which are not long-lived in their purview. Experiment has proved that Planck’s “constant” is not a constant. The force due to gravitation is not a constant. The speed of light is not a constant. And so on and so forth.

We may make measurements with our instrumentations but we should not expect the observed values of any of the “constants” to be reliable for any projects which require long term precision of the measured values of the various constants. In the short term, the currently measured values of the “constants” are usable in most practical applications, but cannot be expected to hold up, long term.

In concert with all these rainbows involved with all light sources, there is an equally irresistible increase in Harmony and Unity Consciousness factors which is directly influencing all life, human beings included.

It is blatantly obvious that these processes cannot be stopped, and that they will not stop. They are Galactic in scale, and Divinely Caused, in my view.

Best Wishes,


003 EU Meetup September 11, 2017

Jean, Jim and Juan,

Great conversation again last week.

Just want to again extend the invitation for the meeting tomorrow.

Skype meetup on

Monday: September 11, 2017 at

UTC-3      8:00pm

Mountain  5:00pm

PST          4:00pm

I have some scratch notes and some interesting back and forths from last week:

Here are notes with some links for reference and perusal 🙂


the Kybalion

7 principles from which the universe works

all is one

equivalence – as above so below


Ebner Effect PhenoType – 1000 volts per centemeter


Jim Murray Paul Babcock

tesla = provide testimony explain – magnifying effective power – nested resonances – Reactive Watts – Lent to the system – Jim Murray and Paul Babcock


Gods Fire

Moses and the

Management of Exodus


Alfred de Grazia




Irving Wolf – 1994 Velacofski symposium


Book Limitation of Thinking – Andy Fitz – EU Duard – Breakout Adam Stewart –

Jadowsky = Row Boat – Peculiar – Done Research –

extinctions Nemesis Star – 26,000 — Up and Down throught the plane of the galaxy – Longer Term Schedule – Catastrophic – Crunden – Long Term Cycles Local Circuitry;

Everything Duardo – Judeo Christian – Catholic Replacement – Moluch – Elohim – Central Chimney – Sheldrake ESP – Andrew Edwins – Clarence King – USGS – Catastrophist

Miles Hutton – Uniformitarian. Louise Agascy… Races created separately. Steven J Gould writer evolution – eugenics –


There was some back and forth discussions

mainstream error in electrodynamics:

From Juan:

The Universe is an intrinsically unified physically extended compressible material substrate, a contiguum with no empty spaces anywhere. The Universe is not “filled with” matter, it is matter and nothing else. You, me and all things are just finite modifications formed from and embedded in such an infinite substance. Temporary waves in the eternal Ocean.

Principles of Light and Color:

from 1878 Edwin D. Babbit

Eric Dollard mentioned it in this interview:

Looking forward to the meeting.



ps: Thought this atomic idea had some helices within helices resonances:

Any topics you’d like to cover I can collate so we can reference them during the meeting.

Have a great Sunday.



David W. Johnson <>

AttachmentsSep 12

to Jim

That’s funny,

I was perusing “God’s Fire” this morning…


On Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 8:20 AM, Jim Weninger <> wrote:

I’ve been reading again “God Star”, and Dwardu definitely had the correlation right, when talking of the sun’s position relative to Taurus and the Pleiades,  as being used to mark calendars in ancient times. This is still a tool used by some cultures to mark calendars (the position of the sun relative to the constelation).  Then he says also very correctly, “If this turns out to be correct, the association of the Pleiades with this planetary deity requires an explanation since this constellation has no observable connection with the planet Saturn”.
   So, we have records from ancient times that used the sun in Taurus to mark the calendar, we have cultures in modern times that do the same, and a seeming continuous use in between.  Note of course that with precession, the sun’s position drifts over time. Yet when we see a culture that depicts the sun between the horns of the bull, and can trace that culture back to a time when sure enough, that postion of the sun (that’s our current sun to be sure!) between the horns does match their “time”, we still are going to make this about Saturn?  
    Again, if this bull with star/planet between its horns came down to us without context, we could make it about Saturn, or anything we wanted.  But the context has always been the same. Ancient peoples as far back as we can trace, (and some still now), use the sun’s position relative to the constellation, to distinguish not only where they are in the year, but where their year is in time compared to other years.  
   Once again, I’m not denying the polar configuration, or Saturn’s position in it. Just that not ALL the mythology handed down to us comes from this one time, or this one event.  Basically, all cultures around the world, were aware of precession, and that the sun’s position relative to background constellations was the only way to keep track of longer term cycles. This was common knowledge around the world until the idea was accepted that the world was created  mere thousands of years ago.  No reason to track where the sun is in the precessional cycle, if the whole universe was not around long enough for even half of one cycle.      
rom: Juan Calsiano <>
To: Jim Weninger <>
Cc: “” <>; jhafner <>
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2017 10:01 PM
Subject: Re: Taurus History

Hi Jim and all!

That Taurus was first identified as the Bull of Heaven (and not the other way around!) in “Babylonian times” could very well be the case, at least in principle. This doesn’t mean that the Bull of Heaven global archetype was generated at such times, of course.

Actually, all of the archetypes (the seemingly outrageous global agreements) are clearly prehistoric, i.e. they reflect memorialized events before the rise of (at least what we understand to be) the first civilizations like the Babylonians. And the Bull of Heaven is one of these archetypes of course, so this would be consistent with the position of all the mytho-historical scholars that argue that the associations of archetypes with constellations came after the proto-planetary deities left the main stage (so to speak).
That is, the Bull of Heaven archetype, the Sun God archetype and the intimate connection between these two archetypes were all generated before the association to constellations, an association that absolutely did happen but after the original stimulus (the theater in the sky) was not longer there. Or so is the argument.

Again, in order to reconstruct what actually happened we need very reliable data. Nothing less than that will suffice. In order to extract reliable data from obviously unreliable witnesses, we may learn from forensics the golden rule of prehistorical reconstruction:

“All isolated ancient sources are absolutely unreliable by themselves. Reliable conclusions can only arise from a detailed convergence of global testimony that would otherwise be impossible to exist in the absence of a shared extraordinary natural experience”. 
The reliable data points that any reasonably scientific reconstruction must include are the “archetypes”, the very detailed yet completely outrageous global patterns. There are hundreds of archetypes, most of them identified by many “mainstream” scholars before Velikovsky and his followers, and not a single of those patterns are understandable in terms of our current skies. Not one of them. Yet each and every one must have an explanation.

A few of the mysterious global archetypes are:
1) The Bull of Heaven
2) The God / Goddess with Outstretched Arms
3) Twin Peaks of the World
4) The Cosmic Pillar
5) The Cosmic Mountain
6) The Ship of Heaven
7) The Ship of Day and Night
8) The Inverted Ship of Night
9) The Heavenly Twins
10) The Separation of the Heaven and Earth
11) The “Beginning” of Time

There are many many other global patterns, like the Serpent / Dragon, the Mother Goddess, the Warrior / Hero, each of the distinct characteristics of the Warrior Hero (the swelling god, god of the underworld, the scarred god, the pupil of the eye), etc.
All of these global agreements must be data points in any scientific reconstruction worth their salt. It is the reliable mytho-historical evidence that absolutely makes no sense, but must make sense.
But the most fascinating thing is that all these data points are interconnected! The ancient sources demonstrate that the bull of heaven is inseparably connected to the outstretched arms, the twin peaks of the world, the cosmic pillar, etc.
In my humble opinion, the unparalleled strength of Dave’s Talbott (and others) argument is that if you postulate just one particular seemingly outrageous configuration in the sky, it seems that you can deduce or “retrodict” most if not all of these global patterns! Even more, many of the interconnections between the different archetypes seem to make immediate sense just by following the physical demands of the hypothesis.

To see how the eleven archetypes that I mentioned above are retrodicted from the so-called “polar configuration”, and more importantly, to see how they interconnect, you can review Discourses of an Alien Sky, from #11 to #23. Here is my youtube playlist, which I actually recommend watching in full:

Of course, the video is just a quick glimpse of the vast library of mytho-historical-symbolical evidence available. If any anyone wants to get serious, there are voluminous publications discussing this with much greater detail.
So we have this PC idea that seemingly explains very simply a big part of the hundreds of universal agreements between the ancient cultures and is seemingly supported by increasing amounts of evidence from the hard sciences, like for example what I mentioned today regarding Venus, Mars, comets being pieces of planets excavated by the “thunderbolts of the gods”, etc.
If you are challenging the proto-planetary basis of the reconstruction (for example, when claiming that The Bull of Heaven archetype has nothing to do with planets), then you have the burden of at least showing how all those archetypes (and Venus as Mother Goddess, Mars as Warrior / Hero, etc.), all of which are global patternsthat seem to be easily explained by the PC hypothesis, could be also explained by a completely different hypothesis / model where extra-solar stars such as Taurus are the gods (remember that the bull of heaven was a deity).
And this is actually only a relatively minute part of the whole colossal burden, as I briefly tried to explain in my previous email, e.g. if we humans were here for so long and with very high levels of sophistication, where’s the overwhelming evidence from all the branches of science converging to such a very radical proposal?

Again, I am not an expert by any means, so please do not believe me! Anyway, I need to focus on my thing… This topic is too exciting for me, please stop! LOL 

I’m currently studying Collective Electrodynamics by one of my heroes, Carver Mead. If you want to switch a bit into Physics, I highly recommend watching this lecture:

It was great speaking with you guys today, have a good night!



On 12 September 2017 at 01:37, Jim Weninger <> wrote:

I should have just posted a picture:
Note the ecliptic, compared to the horns.  This event of the sun passing between the horns happens even now.
To misinterpret the Bull of Heaven as a solar system object/configuration, would be to throw out all the important information that has been passed down on ages.   All ages defined as the point of entrance of the sun into a particular sign.  As in, “when the sun comes to the first point of Aries on the Vernal equinox….”
From: Jim Weninger <>
To: Juan Calsiano <>; “” <>; jhafner <
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2017 9:10 PM
Subject: Re: Taurus History


And just to get Taurus the bull out from where it should not be: the sun in Taurus is the figure of the bull with the sun between its horns. If we do not take it out of context as some catastrophists do, we find that the sun in Taurus, depicted as bull with sun between its horns, was depicted as a time marker. 
  I’ll quote from “Star Lore” by William Tyler Olcott,”the sun in Taurus was deified under the symbol of the bull…and is seen in the ruins of Egypt and Assyria” and “the Persians also were worshippers of the bull…and designated successive signs of the Zodiac by letters….with them A stands for Taurus…indicating that they considered the Bull the first sign of the zodiac” and “in fact in all the ancient zodiacs that have come down to us Taurus apparently began the year, and it seems to have been regarded as a Bull in all of the ancient Mediterranean cultures”

Also”the bull was an important object of worship with the Druids, and their great Tauric festival was held when the sun entered this constellation”

The point is merely that we can see that the bull and sun between the bulls horns was a symbol used even in the earliest ages to denote a constellation and our “time” within it. 

I am not arguing against a polar alignment of planets, but not ALL mythology is about this one event. Especially when we have clear written records that do say what this figure was all about.  

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> On Sep 11, 2017, at 8:10 PM, Jim Weninger <> wrote:


> This would suggest that it was in Babylonian times that Taurus was first identified as the “Bull of Heaven”.
> I’ll try to search for a better reference
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