007 EU Meetup October 16, 2017

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Greetings all 🙂
Please join us for the Skype meetup tomorrow:
Monday: October 16, 2017 at
UTC-3       8:00pm
ET             7:00pm
Mountain   5:00pm
PT             4:00pm
Listed below are some of the discussion topics from last week
Jan Lamprecht ★ Hollow Earth Theory Inner Earth Science Evidence ♦ Hollow Planets 
Proof 2
Talk given – diligently – seismic data
Stars in Hour Glass Shape – Spherical 

Filamentary Structure 


Cecil Ronson – Plasma Labs (not found sp?)

Lowell Morgan – Experimental Plasma


Helix Nebula


Garret Hill – Alfven


Typical Alfvén Waves


Kinetic Alfvén Waves


Alfven Nobel Speech – MHD 

When I describe the [plasma phenomena] according to this formulism most referees do not understand what I say and turn down my papers. With the referee system which rules US science today, this means that my papers are rarely accepted by the leading US journals.[14]


Experimental Plasma Research


New Light – Bias – Mel Acheson – Occam’s Beard – Epistomology

It is in this context that, as Mel writes: “it’s necessary for Ockham to grow a beard of speculations that revolutionizes what we used to know.”


FET – BiPolar Junction – 20s pivotal time


Star Distances – Star Cluster Field of View –


Lorentz nor Poincare

Relativity priority dispute

Still, neither Lorentz nor Poincare ever whole-heartedly embraced special relativity, for reasons that may best be summed up by Lorentz when he wrote
Yet, I think, something may also be claimed in favor of the form in which I have presented the theory. I cannot but regard the aether, which can be the seat of an electromagnetic field with its energy and its vibrations, as endowed with a certain degree of substantiality, however different it may be from all ordinary matter. In this line of thought it seems natural not to assume at starting that it can never make any difference whether a body moves through the aether or not, and to measure distances and lengths of time by means of rods and clocks having a fixed position relatively to the aether.

Chaos at 50



Super Ultra Specialization – Reductionism –

Red Shift Falicy – Cosmology Quest – Documentary    – Eric Lerner – “Big Bang Never Happened Theory – Velvet Hammer – Berbige  – Halton Arp Quasars Controversies – Plasma Cosmology – Jans Alfmen     – Anthony Peratt – Things in front of things – Doppler Effect – Galaxies – Opposite of what – “Seeing Red”

Gabriel Keleman – Cymatics



Dave Lapoint –  3 Videos – Double Slit experiment – Matter is formed 





The VU – Radial Attractors:




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to jhafnerJim

Jean and Jim

Great talking this evening.
Here are the links for reference.
TetraHedron work I did for Joe Matto.
Password – bucky
Randall Carlson
Infinity Theory
Hey Juan,
Checking out Beltrami flow. Pretty amazing.
I started here:

Led me to this:
Just published apparently.
Digging through it a bit. Interested in your thoughts on  Myron W. Evans & Horst Eckardt ECE & ECE2
Also, I met with Peter Venis earlier today. He is an interesting and nice character. He spent a number of years putting his theory together and is now focused on nutrition. He does not have much “upper level” math background.  I am always compelled to understand peoples motivation and had to question what his imperative was to put all this material together. He said he just saw a puzzle that he needed to explore.  He finds no desire to refute any theories. He insisted it is just another way of looking at phenomena and reality.  He is interested in meeting with us at some point when/if we can coordinate schedules.
I find his idea of a continuum of spatial dimensions pretty radical and compelling. Along with his ideas on the One Field.
Thanks for Beltrami – More to explore.


On Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 8:13 PM, Juan Calsiano <juancalsiano@gmail.com> wrote:

Sorry, here is the book.

On 18 October 2017 at 00:09, Juan Calsiano <juancalsiano@gmail.com> wrote:

Start with a nice force-free filament as described by the LSBC model. Such an “inviscid” effectively ideal flow can continue to flow without any significant losses for as long as the larger environment allows it to flow.

Now imagine that such a flow, instead of flowing more or less linearly (even if a part of a larger helix), can now start to steeply curl. For example, if you consider the wave-structure aspect of the filament, consider that such filament encounters a steep density gradient that forces the filament to refract towards the density gradient. Imagine that the physical variables that relate to the filament and to the density gradient are of such particular values that the refraction produces the filament “wave front” to make a ring and thus perfectly join a previous part of the filament, not unlike an ouroboros. A stable self-sustaining discrete layered toroidal force-free structure is born.

Now check out the images on page 147 (and onwards) on the attached book.
Inline images 1
Inline images 2

You may want to google a bit about these Beltrami vortices.


In fluid dynamics, Beltrami flows are flows in which the vorticity vector \mathbf {\omega } and the velocity vector \mathbf {v} are parallel to each other.

On force-free magnetic fields and beltrami flows

Solenoidal vector fields, which satisfy the condition that the field vector everywhere parallels to its curl, have complex topological structures, and usually show chaotic behaviors. In this paper, analytical solutions for vector fields with constant proportional factor in three basic coordinate systems are presented and it is pointed out that a Beltrami flow can sustain a steady force-free magnetic field in a perfectly conducting fluid, provided the magnetic field is parallel to the velocity everywhere.

On 17 October 2017 at 21:18, Jim Weninger <jwen1@yahoo.com> wrote:

Sorry if I already sent this.  (I’m having trouble with my email)
The idea here is that the pair of counter rotating pool vortices can not be understood by looking at the plane of the pool’s surface.  Could this be true for counter rotating galaxies as well?  The question, given observation of galactic “sheets”, is if these are not “sheets”, but in fact “boundaries” between regions of different plasma density.  Plasma does seem to behave this way here maybe: (???)
Related image