004 EU Meetup September 18, 2017

Jean, Jim and Juan,

Great meetup again last week.

Just want to again extend the invitation for the meeting tomorrow.
Skype meetup on
Monday: September 18, 2017 at
UTC-3      8:00pm
Mountain  5:00pm
PST          4:00pm
Here are some notes with some links for reference from last week 🙂
Alcyone Central Sun
Michelson Morely – Light Speed – Measure motion throught ether
Material moves with environment
Cycles of Time
Hamlets Mill – Holy Science
Take them Back in Time – CPAK – Experts – World view Walter Cruttenden
Precession – East Myths – Ideas – Sun is orbiting another – CPAK Robert Shock – Sphinxs – John Anthony West
Dynasty in Egypt
Recent Catastrophies – Conflict – Dynamic – Impulse
Ancient people knew – Trace them out over time – Catostrophic changes – Ring – Impulse – Precession = 90*
Holy Science … Wake up and Go to Sleep – Darkest Ages – Senses – WitchCraft – Electic Forces Magnetic Forces –
As Above so Below – MicroWaves – xRays –
All branches should converge – Multidisciplinary
Dave Talbot = Core Mythology – Ancient Sources – no isolated source – Aztecs reconstruction
sky theater arc mode plasma – stark mars – venus – Arians – stringy things Cometary Shape – Mars – Evidence
Ev Cochrane: Planetary Catastrophe
Venus Plasma Tail – Point Like a Cris Reeve – Thermal non Equilibrium – GeMerkin – Good Speed
Space News Velikovskian Double Layers Worlds in Collision
Taurus = Ancient Sky – Piedes on the Shoulder – Lascaux Cave – Depiction
 evidence – cosmic mountain – spiral – Yadrisil – Bull circle between the Horns
Jupiter – in the Picture – Archetypes – Journals – Reconstruction

Sep 22
to jhafnerJimJuan

Hey guys,

Ran across this info through Don Mitchel.

Thought it might contribute to the conversation.




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From: David W. Johnson <dj@argos.vu>
Date: Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 10:15 AM
Subject: Bergson’s Holographic Theory – 18 – Tesla and the Ether
To: don mitchell <don86326@gmail.com>

Ran across this last night,

Interested in your take on it:

Bergson’s Holographic Theory – 18 – Tesla and the Ether




On Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 9:54 AM, don mitchell <don86326@gmail.com> wrote:

Join the resistance (humor)


On Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 9:33 AM, don mitchell <don86326@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi David,

Thanks for the post-chat email with links about our talk.  That helps my neurons.  The tree of dodecadhedral twins is fascinating, looking graphically similar to x-ray diffraction patterns through crystals.  Thanks for the gimbling illustrations.

I thought you may appreciate the speculation by Neil below on a density-increase of the local aether within our solar system, which he cites as evident by a now permanent halo around the moon.

His long-time site is http://worlds-within-worlds.org/.

Neil is a sensitive (as in telepathic-ish) trained by an American Indian shawoman (lady shaman). I’ve never met him in person or talked to him.  We’ve traded emails over the years, and he keeps me on at least some of his mailings as a BCC recipient, usually.  I think his mathematical physics centers around Russian spinor theory (aether matrix), and claims to have the proper answer.  He is degreed in computer science.

cheers – don

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From: Robert Neil Boyd Ph D <rnboydphd@comcast.net>
Date: Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 6:47 AM
Subject: The Sun is now radiating Rainbow Lights
To: “David G. Yurth” <davidyurth@comcast.net>, “Dr Jon ‘Xue Zhang’ Jang Ph.D” <xueskill69@gmail.com>, “Dr. Adrian Klein” <adrian10@bezeqint.net>, “Dr. Sergey N. Arteha,” <sergey.arteha@gmail.com>, Florentin Smarandache <fsmarandache@gmail.com>, “Frank Demuro, CEO, PBTC” <pbtc@verizon.net>, Gene Nassoiy Barbour <gene@nassoiy.com>, Helmut Hansen <helmuthansen@gmx.de>, Huping Hu <editor@prespacetime.com>, Ivars Fabriciuss <ivars.fabriciuss@gmail.com>, “Ji Hao,” <wujihao@mail.ipc.ac.cn>, Luca Bianchi <luca.bianchi@infinito.it>, Louis Malklaka <malklaka2012@gmail.com>, Pierre-Marie Robitaille <robitaille.1@osu.edu>, “Prof. Andre K. T. Assis,” <assis@ifi.unicamp.br>, “Prof. Stephan J. G. Gift” <stephan.gift@sta.uwi.edu>, “Prof. Zifeng Li” <zfli@ysu.edu.cn>, Volodymyr Krasnoholovets <subhydrogen@gmail.com>, Wallace Thornhill <walt@holoscience.com>
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If you will look at a smooth reflective surface with some curvature to it and catch the reflection of the sun at the proper angle, you will easily see movingrainbow “spikes” which are radiating from and involved with the sun.

This is a new phenomenon and is directly related to direct and recorded observations of the years-long rainbow ring around the full moon and the rainbow rings around all manner of human-made light fixtures, in my opinion. These are not the intermittent rainbow rings from decades past, but PERMANENT and globally observable rainbow rings. The ring around the moon is always there now, and this is not at all the rare event it used to be 50 to 100 years ago.

Notice the spikes of light radiating from the central moon circle. I think these are directly connected to the properties of the sunlight that the moon is reflecting to us.

I think these newly observed rainbow sun-spikes are due the same kind of aether density increase which has been causing lunar rainbow rings, intensifying in its influence so that now the effect is directly observable in sun-reflections. I am of the opinion that these rainbow lights are due to increased aether density associated with shells of increased aether density which every galaxy throws off periodically in events known as quantized red shifts.

Due to astrophysical observations of the periodicity of galactic quantized red shifts, I predicted several years ago that the fine structure constant would be changing in value in the future, and indeed it has been changing in its measured value for several years. As the fine structure constant is changing, so too are the fundamental laws of physics are changing.

When the shell of increased aether density has passed entirely through the solar system, at the other side of the shell, the laws of physics will be observed to have been altered permanently in our vicinity in the galaxy.

As I have said before, there are no constants. There are only locally reliable average values which are not long-lived in their purview. Experiment has proved that Planck’s “constant” is not a constant. The force due to gravitation is not a constant. The speed of light is not a constant. And so on and so forth.

We may make measurements with our instrumentations but we should not expect the observed values of any of the “constants” to be reliable for any projects which require long term precision of the measured values of the various constants. In the short term, the currently measured values of the “constants” are usable in most practical applications, but cannot be expected to hold up, long term.

In concert with all these rainbows involved with all light sources, there is an equally irresistible increase in Harmony and Unity Consciousness factors which is directly influencing all life, human beings included.

It is blatantly obvious that these processes cannot be stopped, and that they will not stop. They are Galactic in scale, and Divinely Caused, in my view.

Best Wishes,