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plasma discharge in rock

plasma discharge in laboratory 

If you saw last month’s edition and watched the various videos you will have a basic understanding of our Electric Universe and how it controls our environment. In part two we look a little deeper into our charged reality.
Even if your interest is to see if and how it might fit in with alternative healing techniques like Reiki and working with Quart Crystals or whether free energy is possible, then a basic understanding of electrics should be gained. Like what a capacitor does and how it works will with the comprehension, make your work even more successful, as well as helping with the understanding of the whole cosmology.


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For example, the earth/ionosphere system is a capacitor with the earth being one pole and the ionosphere being the other, with atmosphere being the insulation between the two with the cloud layers being circuit breakers as the voltage from the ionosphere grounds to earth.
Because the cosmology is simple and is totally scalable from the very, very small to the very, very big, an understanding of the workings is advisable but not necessary. Unlike the standard model though, one thing is for sure; you don’t have to believe in it with blind faith like the traditional (I won’t call it science as it has little if anything to do with science) fiction, as it comes from the ideals of the true scientific method of Observation, Measurement, Lab Experimentation and Prediction that proves correct.
Even though both the standard model of cosmology and the electric one have both been around for over a hundred years, the electric one was forced into the shadows with the main stream keeping electric cosmology hidden from view. It threatens every thing they believe to be true and what gives them a wage, power and prestige.
So sad truth, they are not going to give up easily without a fight. They do not want to admit to themselves or have the world know that they are just believers in very bad fiction. After all it is easier to accept the money along with the poor mathematical speculation rather than something they know very little about, electrical engineering and plasma physics.
This is plainly seen when they ask a typical question like- ‘If the sun is arcing from electrical activity rather than being fired by a internal nuclear reaction, why doesn’t all the planets fry by the current coming from the galactic centre?’ This shows that they have no absolutely no idea about the fourth state of matter or how in reality it functions with its plasma sheaves.
bipolar nebular M2-9

The reason mater plasma was named after blood plasma was because of its many life like properties, including that of a tiny cell. Like a biological cell it creates a cell wall to protect itself from the environment, so anything inside that wall will be protected and this is the reason why the planets and other bodies revolving around the sun don’t get fried.
The current that is constricting the ionized gases that form the sun (Z-Pinch) can’t hit the planets directly as the arcing sun sets up its own protective sheaf. So even if a wandering glowing gas giant that was travelling through interstellar space and which was picking up the current from galactic centre, once it entered the suns heliosphere it would then stop glowing as the power would be turned off by the sun’s protective sheaf.


Because it was now receiving its electricity from the sun rather than the galactic centre the power would be stepped down and would then in turn step down its power and relay the electricity to its own satellites.




When thinking of charge separation I look at it as more charge and less charge and because all things in nature likes to balance, it is the greater giving some of its charge to the lesser to arrive at balance and bring the charge back together.


Electricity creates magnetic fields with one being an intrinsic part of the other but it is the electricity that is the original source. Every bi-polar bar magnet is just an induced object aligning the spin of its atoms to one direction but the original source is flowing electricity in a circuit. So even though a bi-polar magnet doesn’t have any electrical power itself, it was electricity that even through is generations down the line, is the source of the magnetism.


The dielectric (insulator) in a capacitor between the two poles, be it paper or atmosphere between the ionosphere and the earth is a poor conductor of electricity and so stops the balancing of the lesser and higher charge until enough charge has been built up in the dielectric so it can then bridge the gap and complete the circuit.
There are two main types of capacitors, one like in a flashgun of a camera which lets the charge first build up before letting it go in one bright blast (or like Ionosphere to ground via lightning on Venus) and the other more commonly used one which is used in circuit boards and acts like a water tank. It fills up with charge and then releases that charge through an overflow in a steady flow.


Power lines transmit high tension electricity down their lines and we usually can’t see if they are turned on or off due to their insulating coating but even though they are protected by their coating, they can sometimes be seen to glow under the right atmospheric conditions, misty and when the sun is not blasting light everywhere i.e. dawn.
We don’t see the electricity in a cable be it high tension or in lower voltage in the home because the right amount of current is following through it for its size plus it has its protective coating. But if we increase the current in the wire it will glow like we see in the filament of a light bulb and if even more current is applied, then an electrical explosion will occur as it tears itself apart under the electrical tension. Like a meteor fire ball trying to take on the electrical potential of entering earth’s electrical environment and then exploding.


The are three types of mode of electrified plasma.

1, Dark Mode when the voltage is low so we don’t see anything but can still measure it (I though prefer to call it ‘invisible mode’ to differentiate from mystical substances like dark matter which can’t be in any way be detected or measured), just like radio waves which are not seen.

2, Glow Mode when there is an increase in power and we start to see it, like in a fluorescent tube.

3, When there is even more power and it arcs, like a lighting bolt or the surface of the sun as a arcing plasmoid. This is clearly seen in bipolar nebular with the Z-Pinch clearly in effect by constricting the ionized gas and then making it glow.

bipolar nebular IRAS 13208-6020

Sitting in the Western Sahara Desert in Mauritania and which can be seen from space is a geological oddity called the Richat Structure, aka The Eye of Africa. It is not a small earth feature, with London very easily sitting inside of it.
First guess by the traditionalists was that it was a volcano but this was eventually ruled out because even though it was extrapolated from the traditional mathematical guess work, it was in fact a really silly idea because it was absolutely nothing like a volcano.
Now the last piece of speculation is that it is simply a perfectly round uplift in the crust. They of course can’t explain why it looks the way it does with it being round with multiple circular formations within it and that it looks like a plasma discharge, so they completely ignore this.
If this doesn’t show that a lot of traditional science guesses very poorly first based on doctrine and then looks at the evidence to try and shoehorn it into an ill fitting tenet, I don’t know what does.




In the article it says that the team thinks that the magnetic fields are from a black hole which is then somehow creating the current, mmm. Once again they can’t describe the mechanism behind it of course.
Anyone who has studied plasma physics knows that all magnetism originates from electricity. This is real basic stuff, so what does that also say about the publications that print this type of article.

It was reported and confirmed this week that the mainstream scientific community are as much in the dark as they have ever been. So once again we must ask, is this more evidence of ignorance in the main stream because they have been blinded by quasi religious doctrine and tenet?

To me this is probably the reason for most, which means that they should be just sacked without delay so they can give up on science, go back to school and learn some physics.

But for others it seems like they are they deliberately trying to cover up the actual truth of the true scientific method that is being carried out by real scientists and researchers, in which case they should be fined to the full extend and sent to jail for fraud because of the funding that they receive from the tax payer?
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supposed hexagon impact craters on mars

As it becomes continuously evident to more and more people that the old worn out ideas of how our reality works is not only wrong but really stupid and even amounting to fraud, some traditional scientists are now actually opening their eyes and looking to see the evidence that we live in an Electric Universe.
Even after decades of failing, it seems almost laughable how most traditional scientists still cling onto guesswork that plainly does not work and has been proved that it hasn’t worked for many decades.
In many discussions with various teachers and university lecturers over the last couple of years, the vast majority that I have talked too have said how disillusioned they are with just preaching doctrine and that there should really be a change in how we educate. The system is broken and a Band-Aid plaster is just not enough when there is major blood loss. So we are looking to come up with new ideas so we can excite and encourage learning and development and so forward humanity.
And this starts with teaching truth over doctrine and reestablishing the Scientific Method and getting rid of meaningless contorted mathematical speculation. You can only describe something with math and so is important but as we have continually seen, it can’t predict anything as it is just very poor fantasy which can only take us down into a very dark void if we carry on with this path.


We do have hope for the future though, as now this deceit that masquerades as truth is being forced into the wider consciousness with the religious like dictates of scientism being proven to be on a continuing slide into absurdity.


But for those scientists in the scientism quasi religion who are now looking to follow the true ideals of the scientific method over ridiculously poor guess work. They are finding themselves in a quandary, as they will have to either give up on doctrine that at the moment brings an income and disrespect, or join in the revolution to bring to an end and short circuit the current situation and hold their heads high.


How ever much they push and squeeze their ideas though, scientism is being continually shown that they know very little, apart from incredibly poor imaginings and has nothing at all to do with physics. Physics only deals with real stuff which is truly quantifiable and not conceptual guesswork.
Could most of accepted gospel really be wrong? Oh yes, because of the way our education system works which is a hierarchal system built on a constructed gauge of intelligence just built on IQ with just the capacity to remember doctrine and some other real facts, name and dates. It doesn’t at all include common sense, creativity, or emotional maturity which is among most of my academic teaching friends, now an absolute must.
It has been clearly shown that without these we stay in the state that we are now in. But when we especially take into account emotional maturity, we can see that intelligence can actually change over a life time. So this posses some interesting questions and indicates that, once you reach a level, that level can then be adjusted up and indeed down.
“In the Electric Universe paradigm, laboratory experiments requiring relatively inexpensive equipment can be conducted and compared to the theory. Since electricity’s effects are scalable by many orders of magnitude, how it behaves in space is often consistent with its behavior in the lab.”


This talk was given by David Talbott on the opening night of EU2014 conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was an introduction to his two Sunday presentations that previewed Episodes 4 and 5 of the Symbols of an Alien Sky series.
Dwardu Cardona showed that a reconstruction of Earth’s cosmic history can be distilled from the universal “mytho-historical record,” complemented by studies in earth history and space science. Most recently, the strongest scientific validation comes from space, as new instruments enable the viewer to see extraordinary electro-magnetic detail across the cosmos, confirming that this is indeed an Electric Universe.
Wal Thornhill looked critically at the assumptions behind the recent MAVEN Mars Probe (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission.) The probe, NASA says, seeks to measure the loss of volatiles from the Martian atmosphere in order to draw conclusions about the planet’s remote past. He reminded us that all of the scientific objectives of the MAVEN Mission were developed under standard assumptions about a 4 billion-year old solar system. What’s more, Wal showed how, under the inertia of belief systems, evidence can be distorted or ignored and contrasted this with the rapidly accumulating evidence for a highly catastrophic and recent history of Mars.
“Mel Acheson has contributed numerous insights to the Electric Universe movement for more than 15 years, giving readers both a chuckle and something to think about.”
If you are into the real scientific method of Observation, Measurement, Lab experimentation & Prediction that proves correct, rather than mathematically guessing first and then finding evidence that don’t back up the pointless speculation, then you might want to consider being at the forefront of teaching proper science in the future.
Most people will be totally amazed that Mr. Tesla said these things even before the twentieth century began. But is it true? In the world of information and disinformation how accurate is it, as the article doesn’t say where the original source of the transcript came from we are left to guess if it’s real.
The most famous independent plasma researcher who is not directly or indirectly connected to the Thunderbolts Project is David LePoint (not his real name), with his experimentation and ideas leading him to think that he not only knows how matter works but also light.
When I spoke to Dave T last year I asked him about LePoint’s work Primer Fields and if they going to invite him to EU2014. He said that they had real trouble contacting him to start with but when they finally did, he came across as a touch antagonistic and suspicious and because he hasn’t researched the subject past his own work, this isn’t going to happen at any time soon due to his misunderstanding of what is going on with his own experimentation.
If LePoint’s doesn’t really want to discus his ideas openly or even look more deeply into plasma physics, then he will not know that he will have adjust his thinking and so will stay in the dark, even if he lights up his vacuum chamber.
The fundamental differences between what LePoint says and what is known by the Electric Universe is the way Le Point constructs his plasmoids. Where as a normal plasmoid is formed by a Z-Pinch with the constricting magnetism holding the plasmoid together and then arcing on the outside.
He does it by the anode (+) of the electrical circuit being at the centre which then builds the plasmoid around it and so making it glow from the inside. This means that rather than the plasmoid being formed by an electrical current forming a magnetic pinch from the electrical circuit, he has to use external artificially constructed magnetic bowl emitters to make it hold its shape.
So even though it looks impressive, what he has actually created is a type of fluorescent tube. But seeing he seems to be such a recluse, he doesn’t to want to discuss it, or even know what else is really being experimented with by those connected to the Thunderbolts Project i.e. the Sapphire Project.


As we have seen in previous months the question of the conventional ideas of how animals remains became stone has been shown that it couldn’t have happened as traditionally guessed.


“We are asking loyal Democrats and Republicans to boycott their parties in 2016 and vote for  the FEP. This is the only hope for saving your party for the future, possibly even the US, as we know it. The FEP is the first party in history supporting what people want and demand. A landslide election in 2016 is vital to remove the for sale sign in Washington. Do you believe politicians should be for sale? NO! This party stands up for FREEDOM in the marketplace. Fascism is the illegal marriage between Monopolies and government, clearly collusion and racketeering under the RICO act and is illegal in this great country.”


The standard model is falling apart before our eyes and at an every increasing rate and they are now desperately trying to catch up. So why don’t they just ask those in the Thunderbolts Project and find out what is actually happening. Ego comes to mind with the fear that everybody will find out that they are continually wrong in their poor guess work. This will also lead to their other fear, that they will loose their pay packets and have to get a real job.
I have suggested before that because some fast food chains are looking for people with letters after their name to prove that their food products are wholesome and perfectly fine, they would fit in perfectly and so should maybe apply without haste.
Because mainstream’s knowledge of how plasma and electrical engineering works amounts to a not a lot, they still have to say thing like this (from their YouTube page)-
NASA Goddard “For the first time, scientists have watched a pulsar transition from a low-energy to a high-energy system. Watch an animation on how we think this happened”. Of course they don’t actually speculate where the energy comes from and so have to use these throw away remarks as they have to say something.
They do say that they discovered the pulsar in the first place because of its radio emissions but fail to mention that radio like light is all part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. But somehow they missed the electrical connection, so should these people be allowed to take the Mick out of themselves and want to do it so openly? Surely they should really go and seek medical help from a mind doctor as they plainly suffering from cognitive dissonance.
In reality the terminology that should be used in the accompany copy to the video should be something along the lines of- Actually even though the engineers have built some fantastic pieces of equipment, we still don’t know what the **** is going on.


Even though one branch of NASA is now trying to somehow get an electrical explanation by using the word ‘Transformer’ in the title of the video, other branches are clearly not.
In the next clip we hear the traditional non-understanding of what is going on. Are these people really scientists? Well maybe by qualifications only but certainly not by what science is supposed to represent..
I am actually now wondering if they put out this guess work just to give us something to laugh and write about. Of course I really doubt this but I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for giving us such a belly ache at the ridiculous nature of it all.
Since Hawking and a colleague came up with equations to prove that black holes theoretically exist, Hawking has since adjusted his mind to something else, money for old rope comes to mind. For those who are more mathematically minded, this is once again the Mathman talking total sense, so it’s no wonder that the main stream don’t like Stephen Crothers.

As we see from the video the crater at the top looks like it has dendritic ridges in the crater walls and is similar to one on mars but without the whole underneath.

So this could be an electrical event which then caused a gas explosion underground. If it was purely a gas explosion I thought there would be more debris around the crater because of the size and depth of the hole and now some scientists who have visited the site have said that there is no evidence that there was an explosion but there is scorching marks around the crater.
So we need to examine the crater walls and see if fulgurites are present in the dendridic ridges of the crater walls. This is after all a landscape rich in historical electromagnetic activity, the Siberian flux lobe with the whole area pocked marked with holes in the surrounding landscape.
The electrical engineers who built this fantastic piece of satellite kit should be applauded as it was designed to do real science in the first place and is now returning real data to help us understand our reality.
Once again more evidence is being unearthed that traditional scientific guesswork is wrong. With the level of workmanship on this bowl, it is hard to believe that stone-age man and woman whose conversation amounted to words like ‘ugggg’ could possibly produce such a fabulous works of art as this.
While other countries around the world are seriously looking at the wonder plant for its medical uses, the massive money making pharmaceutical companies in the UK and U.S carry on lining their pockets with their government’s blessings.
Getting away from the purely mechanistic view of reality that is taught as gospel means that there are other ways at looking for truth. Once we get away from belief, doctrine and tenet, we can see that evolution rather than purely happening by random mutation of our genes, could also involve the continuation of a species by passing on information through telepathy and other methods and that this would require an all encompassing field for the information to travel through.
Rupert Sheldrake is now famous (in proper scientific circles) for his scientific observation and measurement showing how his research which he calls Morphic Field seems to produce templates in nature.
We are all capable of making mistakes and that is why forums like the independent and unofficial Thunderbolts Project Facebook page is so useful. But not only in strict terms of accepted plasma cosmology but also, other free thinking ideas connected to the Electric Universe. Because it is the unofficial TP page we can get into some quite interesting spheres where the less obvious is also discussed, an example from yours truly-
“From the book Sirius (previously mentioned) D.K aka The Tibetan Master back when he was associating with Bailey said of an electric sun on a base level- “The mystery of Electricity, connected with the physical sun and the third aspect.” & “…and direct three major streams of electrical force in connection with our present globe.” Because the other side of the fence includes people who are not aware that another cosmology even exists and because they come from all levels exoteric and esoteric, they are prepared to take it on board when it is explained.
I know in this modern age of science we need to verify by the scientific method what is true and what is false but as this comes from the very old Ancient Wisdom Teachings, we can only go by what is written and see if today’s scientific method can verify it and so yes it will be classed as mysticism. This though shouldn’t be automatically disregarded just because it isn’t written with today’s scientific understanding, measurement and calculations.
Because of the many thousands of years since this was seemed to be known about, the world that we know now has gone through massive disruptions, so we can’t possibly know if it was intuited or measured at the time but because of it looking like the pyramids were used to collect electricity on a world wide scale we shouldn’t ignore it.
So at this point in time all we do is look at how it aligns with today’s known facts and they do align very well. Obviously such modern terms as Birkeland Currents wouldn’t have be used and so words like streams would have been used but at a time of its first printing in 1951, Bailey’s work (which is taken directly from D.K. the Tibetan) does say that the sun is electric when the common view was that it was nuclear.”


This is still an ongoing question in my mind. I have debated many times as to the validity of this strange structure. A lot of people in the E.U community think that it is a gigantic ongoing money making hoax and quote articles that they say proves it is just a hill. But the trouble is that they can only show examples from 2006 and as we have seen, a hell off a lot has happened in the last eight years, both in the normal world as well as the world of science.
I am not saying that I believe that it is real but that there is enough evidence to take the investigation further. Unfortunately there is some evidence (yet to be fully verified) that the man leading the investigation might not have told the whole truth in what he has said in the past.
“There has been much talk of the Bosnian Pyramid over the years and weather it’s a hoax. If you look in wikipedia you see that they call it a hoax but then again they call our Electric Universe rubbish and pseudo science so we can’t automatically take what they with anything else but a very large pinch of salt.”
“Suspicious of anything main stream like the Smithsonian, especially when they have an opening gambit of “amateur archaeologist” in the article. This a typical trick to put people in a disbelieving frame of mind to start with. We can see this trick when they talk about people being into the EU as cranks. When you look at his credentials I don’t think amateur is hardly a truthful description and so I wouldn’t trust anything they say. Maybe I am wrong but surely someone who is- Anthropology Professor at the American University in Bosnia. Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of National Science. Member of the Archaeology Society of Alexandria. PhD in Mayan Studies can really be described as an amateur. The only reason that they can get away with it is because he set up the non-profit “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation.”
“What, does the mainstream media, governments and scientific institutions really get involved in cover ups and direct miss truths? There are thousands of pyramids all over the world and on every continent and the first 45 mins deals with this. It then goes onto to talk about the biggest pyramid in the world and even touches on Tesla who lived by coincidence just a little way away from it.”

I have shown this before but that was a while ago now, so is worth a look if you haven’t seen it yet. Even though it goes with the traditional estimation as to when it was built, the importance of this is the construction.


I haven’t touched on this for a while so in light of our electrically active earth environment and the amount of metal particulates in chemtrails that are being pumped into the atmosphere, I think we should once again remind ourselves of the phenomena. I like the report @ 07:55 because it happened at a live sports event and was commented on.

POST 2012
The Mayan scholar John Major Jenkins was very much at the centre of the fuss that surrounded the date of 21st of December 2012 and was then of course at the centre of the controversy after not much on the surface seemed to happen.
Even though it was the MSM that was building it up to be the End of the World rather than being the End of the World as we Know it, it was them who quickly starting shouting foul when the world didn’t end as they reported it.
But with a change of such a big cycle (26,000 years) surely shouldn’t we have seen some sort of massive change. Shouldn’t even the ‘End of the World as we Know it’ show some sort of movement to a new state of things. With such big cycles though, any instant change has to be seen taken place over a few years rather than just one day.
If we think that half way around this great cycle was the end of the Ice-Age and the then explosion of creative thought and development within humanity, then we were right to expect something at least as big as that last shift but we must also remember that it didn’t happen overnight. So has our reality now started to go through unbelievable changes?
Undoubtedly the massive melt which would have happened after the last big freeze would have had a massive psychological effect on humanity. So what will be the catalyst to wake people up this time?
From my perspective I see the battle that is now raging between the old mechanical nuclear driven universe and is a continuation of a belief system and our electric one built on the true scientific method being that event. When everyone takes on board that all we have been taught to think of as gospel, when it is in fact just very poor fiction, this will be the alarm clock that wakes people up.
When we consider that modern mathemagicians uses only the force of gravity (remember according to Einstein it isn’t even a force but a curvature of space/time) with only 3 types of matter (Solid, Liquid & Gas) and mainly ignores Plasma the fourth state of matter. (which makes up at least 99.99% of all matter in the universe) we begin to see that it is not only science or even education that will change but a whole lot of other stuff too.
And when we consider that the electromagnetic fields running through Plasma, which is 1000, billion, billion, billion, billion times more powerful than gravity, we can see just how wrong the standard model is and how big the shift if likely to be, with our whole world going down an electrical path into a new era.
Traditional scientists continually ask, “If ET is out there then why haven’t we seen them”. Is this just arrogance at their own belief that they have a superior intellect and so should be the only ones that ET would naturally want to say hello to. In a total disregard of all the hundreds of thousands of reports that go back into the distant past, they seem to think that only their guess work matters?
I bet they haven’t once considered the fact that because they are part of religion of scientism and believe in mythical substances like dark matter & energy and gene like objects in the middle of galaxies, Et might actually be looking for intelligent life on earth elsewhere and that they found it in the common man who although that they might not always have the highest I.Q’s, might actually have abundant common sense, creativity and emotional intelligence and so take an interest in and commune with them instead.

Because of the size of their own self importance this wouldn’t even occur to them because apart from being able to do some complicated sums and spout unproven doctrine, there really isn’t too much else there. Personally I couldn’t watch much of the following video (about 15 mins) because I have heard it all before and it’s the same poor guess fiction and so is pointless and a waist of time in my life.

A scientific documentary that was suppressed and banned. It features military footage, lost photos and other evidence.

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020 EU Meetup January 30, 2018

 EU Meetup January 30, 2018

 Do electrons and protons maintain their identity ?
1 message

Juan Calsiano <juancalsiano@gmail.com> Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 1:39 PM
To: Edo Kael <edwinkaal00@gmail.com>
Cc: Jim Weninger <jwen1@yahoo.com>, "dj@argos.vu" <dj@argos.vu>
"Does any portion of the universe maintain its identity?"

If one assumes an absolutely boundless universe, then the answer is no. Any portion of a Boundless Universe is endlessly integrated and endlessly divided and fluctuates in a permanent process of becoming. Each portion is absolutely unique with respect to all other portions, and each portion is different from itself from one instant to the next.

Regarding that last part as it relates to identity: we all know that all portions of the universe with which we relate everyday are ever-changing and in constant flux. If it doesn't seem so, it is just that we haven't observed or measured it carefully, or waited long enough. The only constant is change. A triangle is changeless, but a triangle is just an idea. The totality of evidence indicates that the external world is in permanent flux.

That doesn't mean that portions of the universe cannot have qualities with remarkably persistent properties, of course, not only protons and electrons but all portions of matter have such qualities. The important point is that, in a Boundless Universe, all such portions also have countless other qualities that are fluctuating. So, overall, any portion of the universe is constantly evolving and has a unique inexhaustible structure that is never absolutely the same moment to moment.

As I said before, a galactic observer would be amazed by the remarkably persistent properties of the solar system. A remarkably persistent solar system mass, orbits following geometrical proportions, the main solar cycle and a large etcétera. If you were only to measure such properties (something reasonable considering their relative simplicity), one could postulate that those are only the variables that actually exist and pose that the solar system is remarkably simple. So, in terms of such variables, the solar system "identity" is maintained. As we know, the solar system is mindbogglingly complex, not only in terms of its fruit salad planetary system, but also even in terms of all the aspects of the sun itself, which is as far as a perfect geometrical platonic sphere as one could imagine, something we now know thanks to the incredible data gathered since the space age beginnings.

In sum, we know for a fact that, even if it has a fascinating array of persistent regularities, the solar system is unique and unrepeatable compared to the rest of the universe, and each moment of the solar system is unique and unrepeatable compared to any moment in the past or in the future. So, pondering on such indisputable facts, how are we going to think about the atomic scale? Well, one must necessarily assume one of two things:

1) That this observed quality of the universe of uniqueness and non-repeatability continues to be true at any deeper scales (a consequence of assuming a boundless universe).
2) That this observed quality of the universe changes at a given deeper unobservant scale (a consequence of assuming a finite universe that implies an hypothetical fundamental and irreducible simplicity at some deeper scale, a simplicity not observed in any other scale that we can observe).
I think that Ockham said something about these situations!
In any case, we can go through the empirical way: everything that we have measured at the atomic scales or smaller is constantly waving, i.e. in permanent flux. Any physical wave requires a deeper wave-conducting medium with deeper complexity (e.g. compressions and rarefactions) to enact the waving.

In terms of such worldview, each and every electron is different and unique, as all of the protons. That said, all electrons have crucial similarities as attested in the very precise regularities that they demonstrate. In a more general way, in a boundless universe, all things have characteristics that make them similar to all other things as well as characteristics that make them dissimilar to all other things.

Think about a huge field with 100.000 tuning forks, all of slightly different sizes, shapes, and materials, but all tuned to 440 Hz. You very carefully measure the sizes, shapes and composition of each one and find out that they are all completely different. But then you hit them and force all of them to vibrate, and you measure that the fundamental frequency is always 440 Hz. They are absolutely identical!

The truth, of course, is that those 100.000 units are neither completely different nor absolutely identical. All portions of the universe exist in a similarity-dissimilarity continuum. And that applies to protons and electrons as well. You must always remember that experimental physicists do not measure the momentum of the electron (as if they were a "classical particle"), they measure wavelength and frequency, two basic wave properties. Tuning forks are very educational.


Scientists unveil new form of matter: time crystals

Edo Kael <edwinkaal00@gmail.com> Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 7:40 AM
To: Jim Weninger <jwen1@yahoo.com>
Cc: "dj@argos.vu" <dj@argos.vu>, Juan Calsiano <juancalsiano@gmail.com>


I cannot attest to planets and such and fall back myself to the explanation Wal Thornhill has for a "hollow earth". In my mind i consider it an option due to the electric effect, meaning IF that is shown to be the case, i would go for it, but would still want some proof.
The reason is that despite the fact that the atom is "hollow' that is only true to a certain extent. The Carbon is hollow like and since the elements are more or less made up of those one could argue that is has room.  However the atom is more fractal in nature and does try to gather all the mass / matter in the smallest sphere as possible and does this in the densest packing manner. The fact that Carbon is hollow has to do with the fact that the individual protons cannot fall further into the center because they support each other in a static and equilibrium situation. This in my view also implies that the atom and in particular the nucleus resist absorption of energy...
I have said my  goodbye's to QM and anything it tries to tell us. That means i do not adhere to the theory, i do pay close attention and consider that good science, the isotopic data for example, mass number, proton / electron numbers, melting points, ionization energy levels, spin, valence value etc etc. One might argue that this is also QM, but i would say that is can be done without QM.... and has been at first for sure when no one heard of QM and we still did physics and chemistry.
 If the mass or charge is concentrated into a hollow shell of radius=1, the inverse square law works at infinity, but fails spectaculary at radius= 1. Inside r=1 there is no field/force.
Well that is how i see the proton and even the electron, having a radius / being a sphere, there are no dots i believe.
Could this conclusion at radius one have something to do with the decay of the neutron? into an electron proton pair? I am unsure as to why you reach that conclusion (fails at r=1)

Jim Weninger

7:09 PM 

to djEdoJuan
Sorry if the last post was again cryptic, but I'll share my viewpoint in a little more detail, and as always,  I'm looking  for objections before I go too far out with ill conceived ideas:
We've talked before about ideas of a hollow Sun and Earth, compared to the mainstream idea of a Sun or Earth which increase in density towards center.  Also, I am arguing that the atom is a nearly exact replication of the solar system, just on another scale.  (by the way, the arrangement of mass in Edo's model of the nucleus also does NOT give us a concentration of mass at the center of the nucleus)
So here is the question (on each scale):  How could we know if solar system objects, like Sun and Earth, are hollow?  Or, how could we know if atomic scale objects (in this article, it is the proton), are hollow?  That is how could we tell if the mass of the sun (or a proton), were located at the center of the object, compared to the periphery?  Comparing nearby orbits to farther out orbits, that is how.
Whether we are talking planetary orbits around the sun, or electron orbits around a proton, if we move out to a large radius, it does not matter where the mass is located.  We can treat a planet as if it is attracted to the sun's center , or an electron as if it is attracted to a protons center.  But, if we close in on either object, we see the problem.
I would like you guys to draw this for yourselves, because it WILL explain the muon vs electron orbits.
And tell us the mass distribution in a proton.  Or on the solar system scale, the mass distribution of the sun.
In even simpler terms (just so you can see what I'm saying), if mass or charge  is concentrated at a point, the inverse square law works all the way from radius =infinity , to radius = 0.    If the mass or charge is concentrated into a hollow shell of radius=1, the inverse square law works at infinity, but fails spectaculary at radius= 1. Inside r=1 there is no field/force.
This IS the source of the proton radius problem.  The proton, just like the sun, IS (relatively) hollow.     The nucleus too, is again relatively hollow, but Edo must already know this.
On Saturday, January 27, 2018, 6:15:46 PM MST, Jim Weninger <jwen1@yahoo.com> wrote:
Just wandering through a bunch of stuff - and finding this idea interesting in regards to why the electron may maintain it's identity when bound so closely with the proton and visa versa of course.
Interested in your thoughts.
Also a Sympathetic Vibratory Model keeps "Ringing Down" in my head:
Extrapolate this as r decreases to zero - Harmonically resonate the frequencies "back down" and consider what "White Light" may perhaps be:


Steric Repulsion

Sterically Stabilized Dispersion

For sterically stabilized dispersions, the resulting energy-distance curve often shows a shallow minimum, Vmin, at a particle-particle separation distance h comparable to twice the adsorbed layer thickness delta. For a given material, the depth of this minimum depends on the particle size R and adsorbed layer thickness delta.

Vmin vs d per R.jpg

Hence Vmin decreases with increase in <math>\frac{\delta }{R}</math>, as illustrated in the figure above. This is because as we increase the layer thickness, the van der Waals attraction weakness so the superposition of attraction and repulsion will have a smaller minimum. For very small steric layers, <math>V_{\min }</math> may become deep enough to cause weak flocculation, resulting in a weak attractive gel.

On the other hand, if the layer thickness is too large, the viscosity is also increased due to repulsion. This is due to the much higher effective volume fraction <math>\Phi _{eff}</math> of the dispersion compared with the core volume fraction. We can calculate the effective volume fraction of particles plus dispersant layer by geometry and we see that it depends on the thickness of that adsorbed layer, as illustrated in the figure below.

Steric layer.jpg

The effective volume fraction increases with relative increase in the dispersant layer thickness. Even at 10% volume fraction we can soon reach maximum packing (<math>\Phi =0.67</math>) with an adsorbed layer comparable to the particle radius. In this case, overlap of the steric layers will result in significant viscosity increases. Such considerations help to explain why the solids loading can be severely limited, especially with small particles. In practice, solids loading curves can be used to characterize the system and will take the form of those illustrated below:

Solids loading.jpg

A higher solids loading might be achieved with thinner adsorbed layers but may also lead to interparticle attraction, resulting in particle aggregation. Clearly a compromise is needed: choosing an appropriate steric stabilizer for the particle size of the pigment.

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018:

During the early hours of Jan. 31, there will be a full moon, a total lunar eclipse, a blue moon and a supermoon. None of these things is all that unusual. What is rare is that they’re happening all together on one day.