036 EU Meetup June 5th, 2018


Leigh Orf
Simulation and visualization of thunderstorms, tornadoes, and downbursts


People might be interested in checking out Robert Schoch’s recent appearance on the Joe Rogan show here:
It has sparked considerable public interest in Anthony Peratt’s work. My own Controversies of Science Twitter account was blasted with 180 new followers since Joe retweeted my posts on this subject.  Many people can be observed asking for Dave and Wal to come onto JRE in the episode’s comments (which can take a couple of hours to sort through) — while many others exhibit considerable confusion/aversion at the mention of the Electric Universe, and I’ve read in those comments that the large number of thumbs downs suggest that it may be the series’ most controversial episode so far.  Dave and Wal are aware of the commotion.
chris reeve



Volcán de Fuego Eruption – June 3rd, 2018

People in a vehicle escaping the ash and pyroclastic flows stemming from a sudden and violent eruption of Guatemala's Volcán de Fuego this afternoon. At least 38 people have been killed. Nearly 300 injured. Thousands have been evacuated.Guatemala City's International Airport is closed as a precaution.

Posted by The Next California Earthquake on Sunday, June 3, 2018