008 EU Meetup October 23, 2017


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Greetings all 🙂
Please join us for the Skype meetup tomorrow:
Monday: October 23, 2017 at
UTC-3       8:00pm
ET             7:00pm
Mountain   5:00pm
PT             4:00pm
Listed below are some of our recent discussion topics

Helix Dipole

Tom VanFlandern
Patrick Cornille’s “Advanced Electromagnetism and Vacuum Physics”
“While plasma does of course form ubiquitous filamentation, it also forms vortices, pinches, toroids, double layers (i.e. cellular-like structures, bubbles), walls, current-sheets, beads, kinks, etc. We observe all these structures not only in the plasma laboratory, but also many orders of magnitude above. And if we start looking carefully at the atomic and sub-atomic world, we will see them there as well. Not only filaments, but all of the other distinct structures as well.” (Juan Calsiano)
Gabriel Kelemen – Peter Venis



Dave Lapoint – Matter is formed