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Empirical Theory

A further and related blow to the statement centered
empiricist account of meaning arose from
studies in the history of science. Empiricists held
science to be the paradigm of rational inquiry. On
this model, both individual beliefs (e.g., scientific
hypotheses) and whole theories were accepted or
rejected by comparing statements implied by a
theory against what experience reveals. However,
the history of science manifests a rather different
picture of this relationship between experience and
belief. Indeed, the historical picture reverses the
order of knowing assumed by empiricism. Belief
determines what in perception is correct and not
vice versa. As a consequence of the interdependence
of statements discussed above, theories
shaped the very perception of what might count as
evidence. One could not observe microbes by looking
through a microscope if one had no way of
integrating what one observes into a more informed
understanding of these observations as those things.
Nothing in the mere act of looking determines
foreground and background, items of significance
from mere “noise.”




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The schoolage sons of John (and Agnes Dickson Varian) often could be observed working away in the back garden….on some typical boy’s project such as a cigar box model airplane.  Sigurd, the younger boy, usually wanted to make some particular gadget but sometimes didn’t know how to go about it. His older brother Russell would figure out how to do it and Sigurd then would happily put it together.  Sigurd liked to make things and was good at it; Russell was more interested in the design of the device and how it worked.” 

Russell was the inventor and Sigurd was the barnstorming pilot who flew without instruments throughout the United States, Mexico and Central America. “If only Russell could invent some method of landing with greater certainty when visual aids were not enough,” Sigurd often said. Eventually Russell did and Sigurd built it.

The innate skills of each brother became the foundation of a new technology through the invention of the power amplifying, oscillating klystron. The klystron helped make possible the early airborne radar which was instrumental in winning the Battle of Britain in WWII, and subsequently became responsible for the growth of the field of microwave engineering. Though the klystron was the most significant of Russell’s inventions, it was only one of more than a hundred patents held by him during his lifetime. The brothers formed Varian Associates in 1948 in a small San Carlos, California, factory building, later moving it to Palo Alto near the Stanford labs of Russell’s early research projects. Russell had attended Stanford University, studying physics while Sigurd had attended Cal Poly. Both schools provided assistance or resource materials throughout the early years of struggle. Younger brother Eric was an electrician, raising his family in the small community of Halcyon, California, where the family retains property today.

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